Friday, February 8, 2013

Stash-Buster #10 - Heart Felt I

Sometimes, connections with people are made in the most peculiar and surprising ways across many, many miles, even continents. Via this blog I have been fortunate to connect with many lovely ladies.
One such connection I felt immediately with my crocheting
 and blogging buddy, Linda, of Linda's Crafty Corner
She participated in my two CAL's with the coolest projects and the word on the street is
 that she is in the midst of trying her hand at the second one again.
Linda never ceases to make me laugh, 
she puts crochet before housework (a woman after my same heart!)
 and does and says many other things that make me giggle.

Just this week Linda posted the pattern for these hearts:
 So I made a couple with some of the leftover stash of cotton yarn.
A great stash-buster indeed!
And talk about a pattern that is easy to follow.

 These hearts will be joined with one of my patterns that I will post about  tomorrow.
(Linda also gave me the idea of the cliffhanger, hehe.)
One hint: I still have leftover red cotton yarn and a little white.
So please check in tomorrow for the joining of the two patterns.
Thank you Linda for the pattern and inspiration!
I Heart You!

Linda, along with Ana, are also spearheading the Stash-Busters 2013 project.
Which warms my heart and motivates me to the very core.


  1. Oh, wow, those Lacey Hearts are very very sweet. Hugs Judy

  2. How CUTE are these?!! LOVE the lacy hearts you've made here, and thanks for sharing the link!.. Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  3. Oh! you have done them proud Astri I love the delicious red centres and thank you for saying such sweet things about me, my head is swelling haha I can't wait for tomorrow :)

  4. Kjempesøte hjerter!
    Eg ynskjer deg ei fin helg:)

  5. They are magnificent! How did I manage to miss her post of this pattern? I need to check this out! Gorgeous work, can't wait to see your next step!

  6. Bu motifler harika sizi tebrik ederim elinize sağlık görüşmek üzere sevgiler.

  7. Wouldn't it be great it we could actually all come together in person and spend a weekend just crocheting the hours away. What fun! I know I could learn a lot from you and Linda and many others. Your pretty little hearts I am sure are going to be joined to make something absolutely gorgeous. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Thank you for all your fantastic comments! I do wish we could all meet from all over the world and spend a least a weekend...or maybe a week crocheting and laughing. Sounds like a dream!