Friday, March 1, 2013

Stash-Buster #22 - Vintage Rainbow

 Why are there so many crochet projects about rainbows?
 And what's on the other side?
OK, so now that the cotton stash is gone,
it's time for the biggest stash-busting challenge of all:
The Acrylic Stash:
There's a lot of it and I would like to bust it all and then replace it with an upgrade.
 In fact, an upgrade is on it's way, but before it arrives this must all be gone.
Aweh, the pressure of the self-imposed rules!
(Good thing it's coming from overseas to give me plenty of time. )
First, I like to start with colors that make sense to me and nothing makes more sense than a rainbow!
Then a pattern purchased from Churchmouse here:
A Vintage Ripple afghan of the rainbow colors should certainly bust a bunch of yarn.
Stay tuned for the "Ta Dah" of this project. :-)
Once this project is done,
there will be the leftovers...
I'll see what I can do with a bunch of colors that don't make sense. :-)

This stash-busting challenge is so productive:
Looks like it goes all year.
Come have some fun with nearly 100 other stash-busters.
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  1. It's going to be beautiful Astri, can't wait to see it when it's done, you do realise that when your new upgraded stash does arrive you will have to bust that too don't you haha

  2. Beautiful ! Love the pattern and the colors you are using ! You must be a speedy crocheter :)

  3. So beautiful. I love the rainbow colours. I love this blanket. Nice pattern.


  4. J'aime beaucoup toutes ces couleurs si bien réunies, c'est très joli, un arc-en-ciel lumineux !!!Bon week-end ;-)

  5. Fint mønster på regnbueteppet ditt! Ja, kvifor er vi så opptatt av regnbuen? Kanskje fordi den er uendeleg vakker:) Eg held iallfall også på med eit teppe i regnbuens fargar;) Det er i ull, og vart påbegynt for 2 år sidan.....

  6. Your rainbow afghan will be gorgeous, Astri! Love the way the interspersed zig zag white sets off the other colours. How lovely to have a new stash on its way too! Happy Hooky Weekend! E x

  7. Beautiful ... I have always loved rainbows... And it's colors! Great stash-buster projects :)

  8. Astri,
    oh, so beatiful! I like rainbows
    and color to your blanket will be awesome!
    Have a great weekend!! ☼

  9. Astri! You and your use of beautiful colors are always an inspiration for me. This is gorrrrrgeous!

  10. What a fun challenge. You will certainly have lots of gifts you can give out. Look forward to seeing your completed rainbow;-)
    blessings, jill

  11. Thank you for the comments regarding the Rainbow blanket. So nice you all to stop by and leave a comment. The stash is decreasing as I type (well sort of), and yes it will be replaced with more stash. ;-)

  12. Hei Astri:) Her kommer en hilsen fra Norge! Datt plutselig innom bloggen din og lurte litt på den headeren med norske og amrikanske flagg ,hi,hi,veldig fin den der:))
    Herlige heklede ting du viser og inspirerer andre med,selv kan jeg ikke hekle så den jobben gjør svigermor for meg. Har veldig lyst til å prøve selv også men er redd det kan ta litt tid:)Ønsker deg en fin dag "over there":)
    Klem Vibeke

  13. I love the colours in your crochet rug.. Your work is always colourful and cheery :))

  14. Nydelig teppe du holder på med! Regnbuens farger er både fristende og vakre, og så blir man så glad av farger! :-)

  15. This is beautiful! I love it! I may just have to purchase that pattern!


  16. Wow! Such a pretty blanket. Thanx for the compliment on my blog Color 'n Cream. Your crochet looks great too! X Jenn

  17. That's going to be an awesome blanket, Astri! I really loved the other one you did from the same pattern....I must buy that pattern so I can make one too.

  18. Very well done, love the colors. Kathy

  19. Un trabajo muy bonito . Enhorabuena por tu blog , está lleno de arte .Un saludo