Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stash-Buster #22 - Vintage Rainbow: Ta Dah!

The stash-buster from this post is done!
It's the Vintage Ripple pattern from Churchmouse, found here.
Here it is folded all neatly.
Here it is not folded neatly. :-)
 I'm kind of liking the tunnel effect of this photo.
 From the left...
...from the right.
The ends were filled in with some sc, hdc, dc's.
I was trying to make in flat and straight.
The rippling ruffle effect was not intended, but I went with it.

Finished off with the infamous picot stitch.

 The sides received a row of sc, dc and then the picot.
I am not good at making that first sc row on a side look good.
Does anyone have any hints or tips?
 Photographed with the Bobble Zig Zag afghan from here,
and here,
and then a pile of afghans.
The afghans are starting to take over the house!
Could not resist a photo of the Bobble Zig Zag afghan with the original Granny Rose afghan,
even though it has nothing to do with this post for the Vintage Rainbow. ;-)

Bustin' the stash with my homies:
Linda and Ana
They also added a link party here:

Have a good week!


  1. Astri,
    your other beautiful vintage rainbow!
    Beautiful work!

  2. Very, very pretty. You always do well with matching up your colors - you should write about that sometime. :)

  3. OOh Astri its bright and beautiful!
    Ali x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Astri! And what a brilliant way to use up lots of different colours. There's something about a collection of homemade afghans that is more than the sum of the parts - speaks of a home and a deeply embedded creativity as almost nothing else so I love your piled up afghan pics! E x

  5. That is so gorgeous. Wow!!!!!


  6. It's so beautiful, really well done :)
    Love the bright colors

    Lluisa x


  7. Wow! It's magnificent. I love it.
    Great stashbuster project.

  8. Wow you were quick with that Astri another masterpiece my dear I love it, all your Afghans looks superb together lovely cheerful colours, just wait till your own granny rose joins them, sorry can't help you with that first row of sc I find it tricky too but it does look fine to me. :)

  9. Nydelig teppe!! Så flott og fargerikt -og morsom hekleteknikk! :-)
    Flott arbeid! :-)

  10. Magnifique tout cela !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Les couleurs sont trop jolies !

  11. Teppet ditt vart veldig flott! Du har brukt utruleg mange fargar i regnbuen din:)

  12. Fabulous Astri - lovin' your stash busting ideas!

  13. It turned out very pretty. I like the picture of the pile of afghans.

  14. Wow! it´s marvelous. So pretty colours. Congratulations from Spain!!

  15. Aw thanks for your wonderful comments and for stopping by. Welcome new and old followers!!!

  16. Gorgeous! I love the stitch pattern.

  17. Great finish! That's a beautiful blanket : )

  18. Wonderful blanket, Astri! The side border when making dc's is always tricky...What I usually do is make a sc + ch (instead of an sc), and that seems to work for me

  19. A beautiful and certainly a rainbow of colors. Very lovely indeed. Hugs Judy

  20. This is amazing , all beautiful ,love the vintage ripple.I have to make another one.The border is so lovely ,it give the blanket a delicate detail. Wonderful job !

  21. Oh my goodness Astri- your afghans are magnificent! The colors are stunning-- I am in awe! The photo of your stack of afghans is just gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in the Pink Scarf Project-- I am thrilled that you would want to do this-- bless your heart!


  22. I like those ruffly ends ... they seem to match the lacy look of the ripple pattern.

    Sc edges are a bear - the only way I can think of to get around them is to grit your teeth and stitch under a strand or two only, instead of into the spaces - but that's really awkward and annoyingly slow. Honestly it looks fine (except to the maker - we are all our own worst critics).

    You'll never be cold if the power goes out - all those bright blankets will keep you extra warm. :)

  23. Beautiful. Love ALL of the blankets, wonderful

  24. I love the vintage rainbow. May just have to get that pattern.

  25. You did a wonderful job! I love those vibrant colors against the white, reminded me of a rainbow with white puffy clouds! I think of Rainbow Brite from long ago!

  26. Your work is beautiful...Love it!

  27. OMG!!!! You must be very fast at crocheting. Your afghans are very good. This one is as beautiful as your other ones.

  28. I love your afghans! You are very talented!

    Greetings from Poland! :)

  29. Great comments y'all! (No, I'm not from Texas but the NVO lived there for a long time, so he taught me.) Thank you for taking the time to droop a line. :-)

    Oooo, yes, Jen, white clouds and Rainbow Brite!

    Thank you Ana and Sue for the advice on the edge. I will try both techniques. I wonder if I could do a better turn stitch with color change too.

  30. Very pretty and lovely colors!:) i always love the colorful things you make. I am one of your followers, do visit me sometime:)

  31. it's very beautiful! such a nice design and colors are matched greatly!

  32. Amazing - stunning - well done!!!

  33. that is GORGEOUS! Is it possible to be in love with a blanket? Cos I think I'm in love with this one!

  34. Good color choice!!
    Your blog is beautiful.

  35. This is on Little Bug's bed now :) :) :)

    1. Aw Little Bug, so glad it's been put to use. :-)