Friday, March 8, 2013

Stash-Buster #23 - What it is!

Can you tell what it is from this photo?
From this picture it appears to be a vase cover which was Linda's guess.
But it is not a vase cover; however, that could be cute.

So, let's start with what it is NOT:
 Not a baby jacket as guessed by Anja of the Netherlands.
Nor a baby hat as guessed by Hafza.
(At least not for the NVO when he was a wee one.)
Sue, as you can see he was in no need of chick magnet accouterments back then. ;-) ) 
 A present-time chick magnet for the NVO?
Works for me, but not the intended purpose for this project.
Please note: The NVO guessed that it was a hat, perhaps,
 he remembers this photo taking session.
Sorry, Sue, not a mailbox cover. 
Hmmmmm..a very creative concept though.
 Not a troll sleeping bag as guessed by no one.
(But included for my Norsk friends.)
Not a tea pot cozy as guessed by Deby Y and A Creative Being.
(This was the closest thing I had to a tea pot.)
  Not an Eiffel Tower topper as guessed by no one, as well.
(This one is for my friend Domi.)
Domi guessed "des mitaines pour les mains"
I think that means hand mittens.
Might not work.
Jen's guess was along the same lines with a hot mitt.
Not a bed lamp shade.
 A piggy bank turban?
No one guessed that either.
I will "knot" forget
Knot Forgotten's Studio guess of an electric can opener cover.
This guess was probably the closest for the size,
but I don't have one and it's a bit too large for the old fashioned can opener.
 An over ripe cantaloupe cozy.
(I better eat that today.)
 A toaster cover guessed by More than a Mom and Shari.
Gosh darn it, if it could just stretch a little more...
 A sofa light decoration.
This one could work as long as it was only seen from this angle...
ideas, ideas are coming into my head.
 Chel C, and Luna guessed a mug or coffee cup cover.
Too big for that and
too big even for the coffee itself.
(If I drink caffeinated coffee I crochet the entire night!)
Then there's the guess, from Linda, that made me giggle and I like giggling, 
The "sling you put on a stick and throw a ball up and catch it" guess.
I love this guess, I wish that is what it was; 
however, I could not find a ball...except a yarn ball.

The closest guess was probably by Ana and Mayra :
A bottle cozy.
Luna was also pretty close, too, with a baby bottle cover guess.
But still a little too wide and a little too short.

OK, OK the anticipation is killing you isn't it?
Can you tell from this picture?:
How about now?
Oooo, here's a better shot:
And what about this one?
Yup, the straw is the dead give-away.
It's a....
Hospital Drink Container Cozy!!!
(and it coordinates with the ChurchmouseVintage Afghan and 
from this post and this post, respectively.) 
I loved your guesses.
The reveal is SO much less exciting than what you all came up with.
I love this thing. It is my friend, my constant companion.
I better love it, they probably charged me a fortune for it.
(As anyone that has ever experienced the costs of a hospital stay would know.  ;-) )
I love it more now that it's all fancied up.

So this is how you can make one:
First follow the awesome free pattern from Micah Makes here.
Adjust according to size.

Add a picot edge from this post.
The edge can be "worn" either up...
or down.

Then root around in your button stash for a couple buttons that will work.
 This is the tough part for me.
I do not like to sew, not even buttons.
Maybe someday I will move next door to my French friend, Domi
and perhaps she will sew for me
 while I crochet for her. 
Hopefully, she will serve fresh eggs, cherry or plum clafoutis and something chocolate.
I will serve rosemary sea salt shortbread cookies, berlinerkranser and Norwegian waffles....
and water in crocheted holders.....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh......
Oops, I was daydreaming,
 back to the task at hand:
Somehow I struggled through the sewing...this time,
and finished it.

And that's it:
Many thanks to the guesses on "What is it?" from the previous post.
And many thanks to
Wendy, and  Ritta for your sweet comments, as well.

Have a great day everyone and be sure to drink your water!
It may help you stay out of the hospital. :-)

Oh and BTW, my "in person" friend "K" guessed a sling for her arm to
support her shoulder while crocheting.
This guess did not come until last night after all the photos were taken,
but that would have been a fun photograph.
Could keep her out of the hospital, too.

Drink your water and wear your crochet sling and 
everything will be just fine!


  1. I love this post! It made me smile all along! The way you photographed all the guesses, brilliant!

    And the work itself is so happily coloured.

    Thanks for brightening up my morning! :-)


  2. LOL!!!! I love this post. The anticipation was killing me until the end. I have one of those mugs myself from a past hospital stay....sorry to hear you where there....I have missed a few of your post, but hope you are doing well. Looks as if you are because of all the fun you had here today! What a great idea, I must make one for mine!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Astri....I love it!
    Hugs, Shari

  3. Lots of guessing going on. I figured it was gonna be a cozy for something. Definitely makes that travel mug a whole lot prettier. I don't like sewing either, but sometimes it is a must. Have a great day. Tammy

  4. It certainly had plenty of potential uses.... Great guess hey??? LOL It certainly brighten up the Hospital Mug and I am sure you will get many lovely comments on it new pretty cover. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Judy

  5. This was an entertaining post - thanks for giving me a laugh. Your hospital mug cozy looks great - you'll definitely get lots of compliments on it. Have a good day. :)

  6. Loved the post. You actually photographed all the ideas! Great work! Happy Women's Day. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Thank you all for reading my very long winded and photo intense post. I'm so glad you liked it. It was a fun one to write, due to your awesome comments.

  8. That was so funny Astri I would never have guessed but it looks good, love all the photo's, have a great weekend :)

  9. What a great post. I loved all the funny photos.


  10. J'adore cet article :)

  11. This was just TOO funny!! Absolutely adorable your bottle cover :)