Monday, January 13, 2014

Mitered Dishcloth - Kitchen Upgrade I

My favorite kitchen dishcloths were in need of a promotion to the cleaning closet.
That fact created the need for new dishcloths:
These only took a few Downton Abby episodes to complete!
The pattern is here and works up really fast.

This is what the dishcloth and towel drawer looked like before:

And here's the after:

Three of these skeins: 
yielded a total of nine dishcloths.

Here are the nine:
More on the three in the front with the fancy picot edge in a future post.

Aren't these:
perfect for the cleaning cabinet now?
Still in good shape...just a little faded.

Here are the six color combos:
This pattern can be purchased in my Etsy shop here.

These instructions for the mitered dishcloths are easy to follow. 
They are complete with a lot of step-by-step photos. 
Once you make a few for yourself you will likely find your friends and family requesting them.

The really great thing about using these as a dishcloth is that, after use, you can just rinse and wring them thoroughly and hang them from a hook by the sink or the faucet with that convenient handle. This drying technique keeps them smelling fresh and resisting germs.

These dishcloths have been a real hit among those that have received them as gifts, especially with the added thoughtfulness of coordinating the colors with the recipients kitchen.

I love these in all their germ-resistant glory!

And here they are photographed all around the kitchen to show off their coordinating fashion:
With the coordinating appliances from this post.

With the coordinating knick-knacks.

With the coordinating rag rug with link to pattern on this post.

With the coordinating "brød"
pillow from this post.

With the coordinating polka dotted kitchen sofa pillow.

A special thank you, to the dishcloths, 
for modeling for the numerous photos on this post. :-)


  1. They are so cute! I really want to crochet some dishcloths for myself. I have lots of cotton yarn left from some other projects and I really should just do it. There are so many fun things to make that dishcloths always fall by the wayside, but they are so useful and I would enjoy using my own creations!

  2. They arenyummy! I usually knit mine and I have a drawer full too!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Love them and all those great pictures perfect ☺ I have made quite a few of these and gifted to family
    too and very popular. Must do a few more for me me me lol

  4. They are all great. Dishcloths come pretty low down on my list of things to make but I can imagine the joy in using them. Jo x

  5. I think the dishcloths did a spectacular job with their photo shoot.

  6. They're way too pretty to be used as dishcloths - you should hang some on your walls. :)

  7. Love all your new dishclothes Astri.


  8. Lovely dishcloths Astri, I agree with Debi they are way too nice to use as dishcloths. :)

  9. Lovely dishcloths and nice pictures too :)

  10. Very nice pictures of your lovely dishcloths!! :-)

  11. Great work as always :-) I love how you made the three colors look so different with the different combinations. After making my crazy cloths, I was thinking about making some of your mitered ones. Now I have more reason to :-)