Friday, January 17, 2014

Rose Heart Pillow Pattern

Joy of joys!
 I have finally finished the rose heart pillow pattern:
(Goodness! It's been a year in the making!)
It is listed in my Etsy shop:
Click here for the pattern without the instruction for the Granny Rose Square in the middle as many of you have those patterns already (Yay! and thank you!). :-)
And here for the pattern that includes the 3 steps for the Granny Rose Square.

Oh I imagine so many fun color options for this.

 Make this fun heart pillow for a loved one or for yourself.
 The 13 page pattern/tutorial is bursting full of step-by-step photos and diagrams.
 It also includes video links for extra hints and assistance. 
You can use any granny square for the middle of this pillow, 
or you can use the rose granny square as shown. 
Step 2, 3 and 4 of the granny rose can be purchased separately or together 
with the heart pillow pattern under "Crocheted Rose Heart Pillow Pattern (with Granny Rose)"
In the event that you already have the granny rose square pattern
 or would like to use a granny square of your own,

The pattern is easy to follow and even includes diagrams like this:

Put a smile on a loved one's face with this happy pillow that you can customize
 to their style or your style by changing the colors or the size.

Have Happy Day!
I Heart You!


  1. I remember your lovely cushion from last year Astri and believe it or not I was just thinking about it today, you have finished the pattern just in time for Valentines day. :)

    1. You remember? That's awesome. Thank you. Yes, I have a feeling I will be making lots of heart shaped items between now an V-day!

  2. That is awesome! I've added it to my wish list on Etsy; thanks for making the parts separate.
    Blessings :-)

  3. What a happy and colorful cushion!!
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)
    Nata xxx

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Xx

  5. Nice, bright colors - it's gorgeous! :)

  6. Great work, Astri! What a lovely and colorful pillow! :-)

  7. Love them Astri, well done.

  8. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and see that is was all one cushion, I thought it was a few in a scatter. They are great and look really fun. I have had a poorly girl but I have managed to escape and finished my Elise Shawl, take a look - it is a fab pattern. Jo x

  9. Oh, this is so beautiful! I really like it, it's so different.

  10. Hello Lovely Astri your work is just stunning and I love the colours and the design you are so clever. I am popping over to your shop now, have a fabulous Sunday. Big hugs to you Astri

  11. Un joli cœur moelleux pour se caler confortablement, que du bonheur !!!!!
    Bonne et belle semaine Astri ;-)