Sunday, January 5, 2014

Diamond Exchange Scarf

Little Bug turned me onto a new scarf pattern that she found on Pinterest:
I made it to coordinate with my new winter boots and black coat.
I love these boots; they were only $23.99.
 I discovered that I can wear the largest little girls size and pay much less for boots and shoes.
I generally wear a ladies USA 8 and these are a girls USA 6. 
I can also wear boys shoes as well, as I have done in the past with hiking boots.
Very comfortable.

Instant download pattern found on Etsy for $1.99 here.

I made mine with 98 shell rows using
Encore worsted wool blend yarn and an "H" hook:
Every other row is black and the other rows alternate:
White, Pale Pink, Olive, Dark Pink, Gold 
I left off the last edge rows of the pattern and 
sewed the ends together to turn it into an infinity scarf :-)
It can wrap around twice or just once for a looser look.

I hope you all are keeping warm in 
hooky things made from the heart. :-)


  1. That's really nice - I love it. Love your boots too. :)

  2. Another great scarf Astri.


  3. Astri I am in love with your wonderful scarf, the colours are just perfect and will see you throughout the year with many different outfits and seasons. You are such a clever lady, well done! All my love as always

  4. Gorgeous scarf, I've never seen this pattern before.

  5. Love the scarf Astri!! So cheery too ☺

  6. Ooh, pretty! I've seen a similar pattern for a blanket, but never for a scarf. Love the colors, too; the black really makes the others pop.
    Cute find on the boots! We wear the same size, so I'll have to remember to check the girls section too when I shop. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Ha - I wear boys shoes all the time too. I always bought boys gym shoes when I was a teenager because boys gym shoes had a better design to them. At the end of the winter season, Walmart always has great boys hunting and hiking boots on sale and I get them for a steal.

    Your color choices are always inspiring.

  8. This is lovely! Great tip about the shoes too ... I haven't looked at girls' shoes before, but will have to check them out. Have a great week and stay warm in your spiffy new cowl! (You must be the best-dressed exerciser and walker in your town.) :)

  9. Love the shell stitch! You are such a clever lady. The queen of infinity scarves I have to name you. How many have you made now? Ten? I just don't understand where you find the time to do all these scarves... I think this one is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing, and how lucky are you being able to wear kids shoes and boots. That is a great bargain and at times you have so much more fun and pretty shoes to choose from. :D

  10. It's beautiful Astri it's a lovely stitch, and I love those boots, I have managed to get a child's size in trainers before they were half the price of the adults exact same trainer, it pays you too look around. :)

  11. Que de jolies écharpes par ici, pour s'entourer le cou de chaleur et de douceur ;-)
    Bonne journée !

  12. Wow, Astri, gorgeous!! ♥ Normally I'm no big fan of black with colors or black in general (except when it makes me look more slim, haha ;-)) , but this is really fantastic. And goes so well with your boots and coat! Great job .-). Accidentally I'm currently searching for some kind of diamond pattern, so I will include this one in my selection. Thanks! Have nice day.