Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bi-Colored Cherry Dishcloths and a Towel Topper to Match

When the stash gets low and the nights get lonely...
(not really lonely, but I liked the way it sounded,
 kind of like crochet is your friend, which it is!)

...then it's time for bi-colored dishcloths:
And a towel topper to match:
How to?
Click here for dishcloth information, but change the color midstream. ;-)
Click here for towel topper pattern, but add a couple of leaves and a red button!

And this is still not the end of the cherries...
I'm still working on more bi-colored dishcloths (stash-busters)
 and a tutorial for the shell edge.
Stay in touch for this addition of one of my favorite colors: 
and a tutorial for the edge!


  1. So cute! I made an aqua one last night. Not mitered, just HDC. Now I'm making cherries. Thanks for the inspiration my sweet friend!!
    XO Kris

  2. You are having a lot of fun aren't you! xx

  3. So pretty - love that blue. I always like your color choices.

  4. So cute. I'm loving the color combos!