Sunday, July 5, 2015

For the Love of Cherries w/o Edge

How about making a couple of cherry embellished dishcloths
to celebrate this cherry season?
Wanna' join the celebration?

Then start with a couple of mitered dishcloths the pattern
can be purchased here:
Be sure to work in both loops in order to create a flat surface.
Then crochet around the two raw edges alternating
1 sc with 1 ch.
I found this makes a smoother edge.

Make a couple crocheted cherry embellishments.
This pattern is from the lovely Next to Nicx blog 
and can be found by clicking here.
You might want to stay there a bit.
It's a wonderful place!

Now, play with the cherries a bit:

Introduce them to real cherries,

and heart bowls,

and both at the same time with a rose plate.

Now it's time to stitch them onto your dishcloths: 
 They are fun just like this or...
 that's probably not all of it...
I'm thinking there's something else to come...
Stay tuned!


  1. They're beautiful, Astri! I hope you had lots of fun playing with them :-)

  2. Those cherries are just great and a wonderful embelishment your dishcloths!

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  4. They look great I love cherries. :)