Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Mitered Dishcloth/Potholder Mania Continues!

And this time there is evidence that I have been joined by friends:

 My friend, Sandra, is the best hot pad dishcloth buddy. :-)
Not only does she crochet beautifully, but she has the most
beautiful blog, as well.
 Visit her here.
Her photos are out of this world!
These are so fun and addictive!!!

Perfect to make while TV watching or even out and about
 as the pack easily into a handbag.
Once you have made a few it's
likely that you no longer need to count.
I make these for gifts and have a bit of a stockpile right now.
They fit so many occasions.
It's always nice to try and coordinate with one's kitchen.
I recently gifted a cherry dishcloth with a bowl of fresh cherries.
(The bowl was part of the gift - Red and white polka dots!)

Join the fun:
The mitered dishcloth pattern can be purchased here.
A free shell edge tutorial can be found here.
A free cherries pattern can be found here.
A really cool rose done in the round pattern can be purchased here

And if you think that's the end of these for now...
well think again! ;-)
There are more to come.

I'm going to try to make an effort to only post about crochet every other post.
Trying to moderate my obsessive ways....
We'll see how that goes!


  1. Beautiful crocheting! You've passed on your addiction :-)

  2. Yes, making these items with the colours of the kitchen in mind is ideal! My own kitchen has no colour scheme, just plain white walls, so anything goes!
    I have seen some people using these mitered cloths as face cloths and I read that they also make nice gifts with a pretty bar of soap! They could also be used on the table to hold a pitcher of cold water (protecting the table from condensation). I'm sure we could even find more uses for them! They are such fun to make, choosing the contrasting edging and a small embellishment! I'm honoured that you show my pads here!

    Have a wonderful Sunday... my crochet hook is still itching to go!

  3. You certainly have got the bug for making these! They are all lovely!! xx