Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ear Warmth

An Icy Blue Ear Warmer
Little Bug obliged again, as the model.
Thanks Little Bug!
I think I finally got this pattern's quite easy when following the youtube video here; however, I would recommend using a light colored yarn, where you can see the stitches for the first try, if this is new to you. :-)
I used that Alpaca blend from this post is fast becoming my favorite.
I love the color and it is so soft and warm.

A special heart felt thank you to all of you who publish your talents out in blogland, youtube and other web places for us all to use!


  1. Great work! Lots of nice ear warmers you present today. :o)

  2. Many ears will e warm now!

    Weather....another good reason to crochet. :-)

  3. It looks so cushy and soft and warm. Great shade for a Nordic blonde!

  4. Mrs. M - can you imagine how cute a pair of your wrist warmers would be with this? I can't wait to try the pattern from your post.