Sunday, January 15, 2012

Viking Hat and Vimple Flag

Yesterday's post with the baby viking hat
 got me started on a roll.

The Viking Hat
Since the Norsk osmosis is working it's magic so well on the NVO, it was only appropriate that he have a crocheted viking hat in the color of his two countries flags. ;-)
Here he is modeling it with the "Vimple Flag".
It's made with this yarn.
The pattern that was mentioned in yesterday's post was used as well.
Since the yarn was chunky and the hook was a "K" (an "I" for the horns), I followed the directions for the small size suspecting it would end up much larger. The NVO says it fits a little sung, so you-know-who can borrow it too. :-) 

The Vimple Flag
Little Bug (#6) gave me the "Vimple Flag" for Christmas.
A "Vimple Flag" is a triangular version of the Norwegian flag.
Boy, have I ever wanted one for a very long time!
The flag came from the "Out of Scandinavia" website.
Click here for flag link.
The following write-up came with the flag:
Tusen Takk
(a thousand thanks)
 Little Bug!!!


  1. Moi, j'aime la rose, mais le rouge-blanc-et-bleu est aussi charmant.

    The Vimple flag is wonderful - there's something so heraldic and exciting about a triangular flag. It makes me think of a knight's pennant.

  2. Oh my, I'm loving the French...Little Bug translates for me and when she is not around Google translator does.

    I'm liking the pink best...the red white and blue was some leftover yarn from the Norway scarf project for my step dad in Norway. But it does look like the French flag too! The idea came to me in the middle of's so hard to exercise when one would rather be crocheting. :-)

  3. bleu-blanc-rouge drapeau français !!!

    Hé, hé, le français et ses articles féminins - masculins, cela change tout !!!!!!