Friday, January 13, 2012

Easy "E" #1

At my place of employment,
I have dubbed two of my "cubicle" mates:
E1 and E2.
Because working with them is so "easy" and both their names start with an "E", hehe.

This is for E1:
She LOVES purple...her hair was purple for a while and I adore her adventurous style!
It's from that flowering clematis scarf pattern that I can't stop making
 at Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness Blog.

This time I added three fringe flowers on each end.
This is the yarn that was used, but I upped to a "K" size hook.
This luscious purple yarn named "Baroque" is nothing short of appropriate for this pattern,
 as the "pattern and tutorial writer" is a huge "Baroque" fan.
(How about that for a smooth segue?)

This crochet obsession is going to make me "baroque"
 and I couldn't be happier or want it any other way! ;-)
(Tomorrow...stay tuned for E2)


  1. I once crocheted a sweater out of that yarn - it was extremely warm. And my favourite colour too. And somehow I never made the connection with the music - duh. Hope the cubicle-mate likes it! (If she doesn't you can send it to me.)