Friday, May 29, 2015

WEEK 5 - Granny Rose CAL: The Edge/Border

The Edging/Border

We are very close to the "TADA" finish line.

Are you ready for the final step?

OK here it goes:
Single crochet around the entire afghan, with white,
 to straighten out where the granny squares
 join and give it a clean edge to work with.

At this point you could follow the picot edge from your pattern here,
use any edge/border design that you like,


use a variation from the border from this pattern which is
what I decided to do.

(Those are rose petals leftover from a Mother's Day arrangement -
rose petals...rose afghan, it fits, huh?)

Variations from border pattern:

ROW ONE: is a row of sc as mentioned above with three sc in each corner.

ROW TWO: is *1 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches then a hdc decrease.*
Repeat from * to * to end with 3 hdc in each corner.
(This will pull your edges in a little tighter in order to avoid a loose ruffly look.
If you like the ruffly look then simply hdc in each sc from the previous row.)

ROW THREE: is the bobble row from the border pattern.
(You can add a row of dc after row three, like in the pattern;
however, I did not on this afghan.)

ROW FOUR: is the shell row from the border pattern.

ROW FIVE: is the picot fan row from the border pattern.

That's it and you are done!

Next week I will reveal the finished afghan
and I would love to see yours too!

Also see appleblossomdreams on Instagram.

Have a rosy week!

Please send photos of your projects and I would be happy to post them.
Send a link or attach photos to and email and send to


  1. It looks wonderful, Astri,,, though it will take me a while to get as far as this! My days aren't long enough. I've nearly finished the pastel granny rows and then I need to start on the white!

    1. Thank you! Oh you will get there...remember I had the luxury very long road trip to work on these. ;-) I get very little done now that I am back, but I plug along. It's the journey not the destination???

  2. So pretty!!! I look forward to seeing the finished blanket!!! xx

    1. Thank you my kind, faithful and consistent friend!

  3. Oh my word .. I love the border you have added to your gorgeous blanket! I will definitely be using it in the future!

  4. It's so pretty, Astri - and I really like that popcorn and shell border. Hope you are well (and the hormones behaving themselves)! :)

  5. What an unusual but pretty border. Glad I popped in, I have been on holiday so I am on blog catch up! Jo x

  6. The border is looking great!! Lovely pics :)

  7. How big are the squares before joining? Could they be made bigger, to make an afghan to fit, say, a full size or queen size bed?

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  9. So dainty and colorful, I love the colors you choosen and especially the lacy border! This will be one of my favorites and a heirloom for my family!