Friday, May 22, 2015

WEEK 4 - Granny Rose CAL: Granny Row and Bonus Row and Join

Hey, hey my CAL friends!

Now let's add a granny row to your granny rose squares,
add an optional hdc row and join the squares.

I hope your leaf row went well and that you are ready to push
up your shirt sleeves for a busier week this week.

The Granny Row,
Optional Bonus Row and Joining Squares

Part of this week is similar to last week;
you'll add a granny square row in the lighter pastel colors of your yarn.
  Just follow step four in your pattern from here.

I used:
Soft Peach
Spring Green

I tried to make an even amount of each one, but it worked out a little more random than that.
I made more Sherbet and Spring Green.

Every effort was made to ensure that the granny row
 was a different color than the outside of the rose petals.

Also, when I placed them together I tried not to have two roses colors
 and two granny row colors next to each other,
 but occasionally that happened and that's alright!
Once you have finished all the granny rows,
you are ready to join the squares in any way you choose.

Here they are with a sc join:
Or you can join as per the pattern.

I was thinking that I wanted more white to soften the afghan.

So here's an added optional row of white.
(You will; however, need more than one skein of white if you choose this option,
probably three skeins if you include the additional border option for next week.)

It's just a hdc all the way around the granny rose square.

Like this:

Start with 3 chs in the corner.

2 hdc in same corner

a hdc in each st around

  including a hdc in the ch space from the granny row below.


 with 3 hdc in each corner.

Finish off with invisible join, if preferred:

Weave in ends and

there you go.
A finished square with a pretty white hdc edge.

Do this 64 times and you'll get this:

Here's a photo with and without the bonus hdc row:
You choose what you like best.
You could even made the hdc row a different color on each square - that could be fun!

Once you have them placed in an order that you like, you will join them.
This is how they look joined with a single crochet:

The following photos might help with the sc joining:

When you join the second direction simply ch 1 to jump over the first set of joining rows:

Does it look like this?
I hope so!

Happy joined squares that all have each other now!

Join us next week for the final week: 
The Edging

Have fun with your pretty squares!
(I think this is my most favorite Granny Rose project, so far.)

Also see appleblossomdreams on Instagram.


  1. It looks so beautiful!!! I love the extra row of white, it really makes the different squares pop doesn't it! I have your pattern for this, and if I ever get to making it I will definitely add the extra white! xx

    1. Hi Amy. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like that row of white. Seems like anytime I add extra white to anything I crochet that I like it better. Hmmmm....just my preference I suppose. ;-)

      Let me know if you ever make the afghan I would love to see it.

  2. Astri, this looks simply wonderful! You're such a quick worker! I love the row of pastel colours and the white on that last row is just perfect! Tell me, have you put one or two chains in the corners of the pastel row before the white. It looks as if it might be two. I haven't yet finished by leaf row, but I'm working a little every day as I can manage it. The different coloured rose centres really look good! Well done! Will you be giving us the measurements of the completed blanket?

    1. Thank you Sandra. It's not as quick as it seems because I made many of these before I started the CAL - and that darn thing called work always interferes. ;-) Yes, there are two chs in the corner on the pastel row. I bet your roses with the leaf row are coming together beautifully. My completed blanket measures 100 cm x 100 cm - a nice number, huh? And you are correct it is a great size for a baby or a lap blanket. It's perfectly light for a cool spring evening cuddled up on the sofa or a favorite chair watching "Call the Midwife" on the telly.

    2. Thanks for answering my queries, Astri. Yes, 100 x 100 cm sounds like a really nice size! I agree that the white gives a lovely fresh feel to the finished blanket and brings all the different coloured squares together as they have a common joining colour!
      Do you remember the old granny square blankets that always seemed to have black as a last row to join them all up? I'm not a fan of black and never incorporate it into my crochet, but I have to admit that those older blankets had a certain style about them and the surrounding black gave a stained-glass window effect!

      I have to be careful about typing errors on my new keyboard as the keys are so flat, I sometimes slip over to the neighbouring letter which makes for strange words, often only seen after I have hit the 'publish' button!

    3. Oh yes, I do remember the granny square blankets with the black. They certainly have a charm of their own. I've often wondered if that pattern would be nice in a skirt. Maybe solid black with a granny square trim along the bottom.

      Happy crocheting Sandra!

  3. It looks amazing Astri those pastel colours look amazing just like candy and the extra white row makes them stand out. :) xx

    1. Makes me hungry for candy Linda. Thank you for the "sweet" comment./ ;-)

  4. Your afghan looks beautiful! I love the extra row...I'm going to try doing it in all different colors. Are you going to do a picot border like last time? Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece! Now I should go crochet some more roses because I'm behind. :)

    1. I love the idea of the extra row in all different colors. Your afghan is going to be so happy! The picot border is an option; however, I have done a variation of the border from my "La Vie en Rose" border. It kind of looks like lace or eyelet.

    2. That sounds lovely, I love the border from your La Vie en Rose afghan. :) A couple questions about the border - will we need to purchase the pattern for the border? And do you know how many skeins it will take? Since it takes so long for the Stylecraft yarn to ship, I want to order any extra as soon as I can.

      Thanks for putting up with my questions! :) I'm looking forward to the next step.

  5. It is looking very beautiful with so many lovely colors!!:) thanks for sharing!!