Friday, May 15, 2015

WEEK 3 - Granny Rose CAL: Leaf Row

Hi there!

So how did the roses go?
Did you finish all 64?
If not, keep up the good work, if so, it's time for:

The Leaf Row
 This weeks "assignment" is easy.
Take all your roses and follow Step 3 on your pattern from here
and crochet the leaf row in Meadow or the color of your choosing.

Here's a little variation that you may like on the leaf row:

Start with ch 4 in the ch space of any outside petal:
(this will count as a dc and ch space for the corner)
 then 4 dc in same space.
The photo shows 3 but 4 works better since
 2 of the chains will count as your  corner.
(This will be part of your first corner,
and you will finish this corner at the end.)

I also changed the sides a bit from the pattern as follows:

After the corner, ch 2 and sc in the middle of the bottom of the petal instead of 3 dc,
 then ch two to the next corner.

Perhaps the following photos will help:
This is the finished square from the back:
And here is a close-up from the front.

Here's the finish of the leaf row:
2 dc back into that same beginning corner to complete that corner,

then an invisible join:

Weave in ends:
See how the 3 chs at the beginning made for only one ch for the middle of this corner,
 that's why 4 chs at the beginning would have worked better so there woudl be 2 chs for the corner.
Once again, I live and learn; a student of myself and my blog friends. haha ;-)

Complete the leaf row on all 64 squares and then next
Friday May 22nd you'll be ready for the granny row
along with and extra row option of a delightful surprise that
varies from the pattern. ;-)

Let me know if you have any questions;
otherwise I will see you next week
for the 

P.S. Please let me know if you have any photos of your project
 you would like to share and I will post them.
Please email them to
Also see appleblossomdreams on Instagram.


  1. Your roses look so pretty, Astri! I love your colors. This is the step I'm excited about; I've never tried it before. I'm woefully behind on my roses but am hoping to catch up this week. I can email you the photo or you can take it from the blog post.

    1. I looked at the progress on you blog and your project is going to be incredible!!! I love pink and the shades you have chosen are mesmerizing! It's fun to have you following along Kate.

  2. Thank you for adding the extra tip to the leaf row, Astri. It looks good! The two new photos are very helpful!

    1. You're welcome Sandra - thanks for sharing your progress and thanks for helping me refine the pattern and posts.