Monday, December 26, 2011

"Fit" Daisy Blanket Ta Da!

It's nothing short of a miracle!!!
A little bit of springtime in the dead of winter. :-)

The ETA for this afghan was 2012 - and here it is delivered 5 days early!
On time and under budget (perhaps, I should go back to working in construction finance ;-) )

Really, it's only under budget because I used Red Heart yarn which I love due to its price point and it's early due to the fact that it's smaller than originally planned. (I could not face weaving in any more ends, but someday, once the pain of the ends is but a distant memory, I may attempt a matching pillow. The remaining yarn awaits the return to insanity in the stash bin.)

Pattern is the "Daisy Square" from this post at My Rose Valley.  
And the edge is one row of single crochet and one row of picot.

It will stay inside for the Winter:

But, may go outside in the Spring since it was made to match
 the front porch "rug" and daisy topiary:
I blogged about this afghan so many times
here, here, here...
I wonder if anyone is as happy as I am that it's finally over.
(At least until the possibility of a matching pillow comes to fruition.)

It also matches the cushion from this post and this post and as below:
Here it is with it's little friend, the rocking chair cushion.
Now, it's time to go back to work, at my place of employment, after five days of pure bliss.
Sure wish I could putter around the house for a living.

Happy Boxing Day with this box shaped afghan pattern. :-)


  1. OMG I love it! So making one for the back of my lounge - after I complete 2 single bed blankets and one queensize blanket lol

    ps it's pinned!

  2. Beautiful! I think I might try that pattern, too.

  3. Yea for finishing! It's beautiful and looks right at home on the porch or rocking chair. Pretty colors, too. Have a good week. Tammy

  4. Hello Dear Astri, This blanket is wonderful. Expecially adding the motifs are so different. So it makes the blanket spectacular. I am trying to learn somethings from your blog about crochet and I am trying to make crochet motifs. But Of course yours are wonderful. Best wishes..

  5. On a vraiment envie de s'enrouler dans ces couvertures, trop confortables !
    Bonne journée :)

  6. Absolutely divine....from the color choice to the edging!

  7. Your afghan is so beautiful!!! The colors are amazing and now I want to make one, too! ;) Thank you for sharing the pattern and the pics!

    Blessings - Julie

  8. Hola Astri bellisima esa manta un beso Sandra.

  9. So cheerful and pretty! Did you keep your resolution of only crocheting as much as you excercised? If so you must be in wonderful shape!

    I hate weaving in ends too. I avoid motifs like the plague for that very reason.

    Lovely photos with the sun streaming through and onto your beautiful afghan.

  10. You all warm my heart with your kind comments. It's fun to have a little bit of Spring in December. :-) Thank you so much!

    Mrs. M - Let's say I "sort of" kept my resolution...but now I have renewed it with a new afghan project that, at this point, is only a twinkle in my eye.

  11. Gorgeous! This afghan is what first drew me to your blog. It is stunning. Your color scheme is exactly what I pick for my 'happy colors' projects (just need to add a touch of pink for my girls!) I'm starting a Daisy Square afghan of my own and have a few questions for you. What size hook did you use? How many squares did you end up crocheting? What size afghan did you end up with? I've crocheted 210 little yellow circles and am curious if the end is in sight.

    Thanks, as always, for your inspiration!

  12. Hello! The afghan measures 54" x 72". The squares are 14 x 20=280. Sounds like you are close! How exciting.

    I've always thought that adding pink to this color scheme would be nice...I can't wait to see yours! I admire your attention span, I would jump around from making complete squares to a few circles then the petals then circles and so on and so forth.

    I probably used an H - can't remember for sure. I crochet very tight though so I generally try to use a larger hook than most would.

    1. I'm back to this afghan now that I've finished the granny rose afghan. I've done 100 squares all 3 rounds with an H hook and laid them out with 15 wide and 20 long...I must crochet a lot tighter than you because mine is about the same size as my granny rose afghan (approx. 44x60). For a frame of reference, how big is your granny rose afghan (the 10x14 square one)? Now I just need to figure out whether to do more squares or not.

    2. Hi there!

      The Granny Square afghan that is 14x20 squares is 54x72. I must have measured the wrong one for you before because the Daisy Square is also 14x20 squares and is 48x68. I sorry I got mixed up. I wonder if joining them adds a little more width and I did count the single crochet and the picot stitch row all the way around too. I have been making a conscious effort to crochet a lot looser than in the past. I feel bad if my lack of measuring skills causes you to make more...I hope you have enough yarn. :-) (Oh I also used the Red Heart yarn most of the time which seems to be heavier than the Hobby Lobby yarn.)

    3. I'm glad to know that I don't crochet THAT much tighter! No apology've been so very helpful! I think I'll probably just go with 15x20 squares. It'll make a nice afghan to drag around (my girls are always snagging one to wrap up in!)

      How do you like the Red Heart yarn? There's a chance we might be moving to a state that has no Hobby Lobby stores. Red Heart seems a bit scratchy to me...does it soften up when washed? My girls like things very soft. How do you like it compared to the Hobby Lobby yarn? Is it about the same to work with? I'm considering a switch since for the first time I've encountered a problem finding more yarn to match my current Limelight...silly dye lots! I'm about 23 squares short of Limelight. I'd value your opinion on the brands very much.

    4. Hello again. I have used Red Heart since I was a little girl so I keep using it; however, it would be nice to use a wool or wool blend one day, but they are so much more expensive. I like the fact that I can get Red Heart 24/7 and that feeds my crochet obsession. The NVO went with me to Walmart one night at midnight to get more yarn. He's a trooper! You are right, it is kind of scratchy and the Hobby Lobby is softer but it is a little more expensive. Itdoes soften a little with wash but it pills a little. Sometimes I use the Vanna White yarn and I like it fine too. Would you like me to check a limelight dye lot here? I could mail to you if I find the right one.

    5. That's very sweet of you! Unfortunately, I only know what dye lot it ISN'T. Didn't think to keep the wrapper since I've never had this problem before. Went back to Hobby Lobby today and found one that was closer to it. That'll have to do. They won't be right together...only I would probably notice. Thanks again for all of your help!

  13. Thank you for your quick response! That was just the motivation I needed. I had thought I'd need something like 400 squares and was having a hard time motivating myself to continue. Knowing I was so close spurred me on and I just completed my 300th little yellow circle! Now on to the white round, though I must confess, I did stray and I completed 5 squares (one in each color) to see how they'd look. I'll probably do them in sets of 100 here on out...don't have it in me to do 300 white rounds in a row! I'm also using an H hook...I'm a tight crocheter as well.

    Thanks again. I hope mine turns out half as beautiful as yours...I'd be so happy.

  14. OMG! Confused as to which blanket is more georgeous - the DAISY one or the Granny rose pillow case. Just superb n admire your patience :)

  15. Replies

    2. Thank you! So pretty, can't wait to get started!