Saturday, September 15, 2012

Et Annet Forkle (Another Apron)

I love aprons...
 ...and this one had me at "hello". :-)
 It was brought home and introduced to its friend from...
It has this English feel to it, so, of course,  it was photographed with the English Ivy. :-)
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Fargerike forkle! Ser du likar rysjekantar, hehe:)
    Det heiter forresten *Eit anna forkle* på nynorsk og *Et annet forkle* på bokmål.
    Fortsatt god helg!

    1. Oh goodness gracious, I wasn't even close! I have fixed it now. Thank you for the lesson, it helps me so much. :-)

      Yes, I do like ruffles.

  2. Hei. Jeg er også svak for forklær. Dine var kjempefine. Ser Sonja driver norskopplæring. Ikke så lett å vite hvilket kjønn et ord har. Vi koser oss i helgen. Jeg har bakt gresskarkake og mannen har snekret opp de siste listene i stua. Deilig med fri fra jobb. Ha det godt. Hilsen Drude

  3. Pumpkin pie sounds delicious and a man the will work on the list is truly a gift! We call those lists in the USA a "Honey Do" list, it's named after the honeydew melon and we just love saying it. :-)

  4. Hi Astri....I love is just so pretty! Shari

  5. great :D
    greetings from Poland :)

  6. J'aime le travail, mais encore plus j'adore les couleurs.
    Bonne fin de dimanche,
    A bientôt !!

  7. Cute, cute, cute! I love the little rosette - like wearing a prize for cooking. :)


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