Friday, June 21, 2013

My Rose Valley Roses

I could not decide whether to title this post
"My Rose Valley Roses"
"I've Been Bad" 
You see, I have been stash busting for several months due to the awesome inspiration from 
Linda and Ana of the "Stash-buster 2013" challenge.
The plan was to not purchase more yarn, at least not in bulk, until all the stash was busted. 
Well, things were going along just fine until the most irresistible yarn jumped out in front of me.
Have you ever experienced this?
If so, you will understand.
One day while perusing some of my favorite blogs I noticed that Annette over at 
My Rose Valley was offering yarn for purchase
Tilda yarn from Sweden via Switzerland - how cool is that?
Oh my goodness, the cotton, the colors, the energy was all too much to take.
Annette had even crocheted the most delectable flowers with the Tilda yarn.

I was weak and before you know it the following happened:
A package of the yarn-candy-joy arrived on my front porch!

And then it was not long before this happened:
My own little Rose Valley!!!
And boy do I ever have a fun plan for these roses,
 meanwhile, here are a few favorite color combinations:
Rose tutorial can be found here.

I'm easily distracted and amused.
I could play with these all day!

I "heart" Annette and her Rose Valley. :-)

If you have not visited Annette before, please check out her blog.
 You will be warmed by a cozy homeyness that has no end. :-)

Annette was also the inspiration and guidance for my daisy blanket from here:

A sincere thank you for 
daisies and roses, Annette!

P.S. Hey, I've got until December 31st to bust the stash, right?...
but now I probably need someone to define "stash". 
This purchase is not stash yet...but when does it become stash?
Does anyone know?


  1. Surrounding yourself with such pretty colours is never bad, trust me. Beautiful roses, can't wait to see what you do with them. Best wishes,

  2. Oh yes!!! How could you resist and those roses look wonderful Astri...
    Got to love adding more colour into our worlds ☺

  3. Wonderful bagful of vibrant colours Astri - so glad you went with your heart in order to give us all a burst of rainbows!!
    Your rainbow rambling roses are beautiful and I look forward to seeing many more colourful combinations!
    I think if you're busting your stash it makes room for some more every now and then - afterall if it all disappeared there'd be nothing to create with!
    Off to visit Annette!
    Ali x

  4. O.M.G. Beautiful !! Love those colors and your roses are so pretty ! Can't wait to see what they become !

  5. Ohhh Boy, look at all those yummy colors and Tilda colors at that!!! I can not resit any longer....I must find some! I think once your new yarn hits your basket___it's your stash!
    Hugs Shari

  6. I see we are both fans of Annette at My Rose Valley - I love her sweet blog. I wish I could gather all my favorite bloggers together for a meetup!

  7. I love your post!! How often I promised myself to use up stashed yarn first before buying new one. But then, well, always the same had happened - some really irresistable yarn came across my way :-)))

  8. Hello Astri, WOW I love all the Tilda yarn. ALL those colors are most wonderful. I can hardly believe all those wee Roses has already came to life. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what creation will come from all those wee lovely Roses. I have been tempted to order some Tilda Yarn but was worried about the cost of shipping. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Judy

  9. You are forgiven Astri! how could you resist, that beautiful yarn and all those gorgeous colours! I'm so pleased to see the yarns sold out or I would have been tempted too, you bought it all didn't you? haha. The roses are lovely can't wait to see what you are planning :)

  10. Beautiful colors - I don't think I would of been able to hold back either. :)

  11. Gorgeous new yarn! I love the colours that come in cottons and acrylics - they tend to be much brighter and clearer. I think yarn doesn't stashify until at least you've come to a decision about whether there is an immediate project in view for it. If there is, it delays stashifying until the project is complete and if there isn't then the process begins a bit sooner! This is my philosophy anyway! This means you can go on acquiring yarn without increasing your stash just so long as you have projects closely in view for it so happy hunting! I am an unashamed stash-builder so perhaps you shouldn't listen to me though! E x

  12. Scrummy colours! Simply irresistible.. I love the roses you made, especially the last picture and well there are six months left to stash bust, so no problem!

  13. I don't think I could have resisted that, either! What a beautiful meadow of roses you've created with a stash I hope will last a good long time!

    If you do finish using up the rest of your stash, you'll already have great colors to work with when you're done!

  14. wow, those really are gorgeous colours, but I bet the price tag matches the rest of the Tilda brand! I'm afraid it becomes stash the second it arrives in the house

  15. Drool, drool. Whoops, you've used some so now it's stash. Keep crocheting!
    Love from Mum

  16. Love your new yarn stash Astri. Your colored roses are gorgeous. Thank you for the kit and I love my rose.


  17. What a great stash! I really adore your daisy blanket, it is so lovely.
    M x

  18. My oh my! what a parcel. Have fun and don't worry about stash... Jo x

  19. Oi, der hadde du mange flotte fargar! Må vel vere lov å kjøpe inn til eit nytt prosjekt innimellom;)

  20. I don't think it counts as stash, because you're already using it! Stash is what sits in the basket waiting for a project to call its name....

    That yarn is beautiful. No wonder you succumbed. :)

  21. That yarn is just yummy!!! I need to try her rose tutorial out soon. I love her blog too! Love your daisy cozy!!
    xo Kris

  22. Stashbust or what... I love what you're doing! :) Such pretty colors! May I call it Rainbow Rose Valley?

  23. What wonderful comment! Sounds like it's stash whenever I want it to be? ;-)

    I like Rainbow Rose Valley - Yes, Eve please call it that.

  24. Dear Astri
    WOW! What a post. So delighted to see you are in yarn heaven. Beautiful roses you have made. Your Rosy Heart is gorgeous. What are you making I am wondering. I am so so happy that you are so so happy. Wonderful. And the good news are that I will open an official yarn shop with this yarn after the summer probably. I will be the one and only International seller of this yarn as Svarta Fåret only sell in Scandinavia for the moment and did not have any plans on expanding their market until I called them up. So expect even more Tilda yarn and colors over at My Rose Valley soon. I am putting in my first big order this weekend and are hoping for delivery within a week or two as they currently are producing new yarn in their factory. Yaaay for Tilda!!! Let the fun continue and Glad Midsommar!
    My Rose Valley

  25. merhaba ne kadar güzel ipler ve renkler böyle, battaniyede çok güzel olmuş tebrik ederim,sevgiler

  26. Those colours are gorgeous and the roses so pretty. I would have been tempted to buy some of that beautiful yarn xx

  27. Looks like your not going to let all those pretty colours settle into the stash so no addition.
    Gorgeous colours and pretty roses - perfect for a summer garden.
    Enjoy your new yarn.

  28. I found the blanket I want to make! Your beautiful daisy blanket is my next project..... a blanket for the wheel-chair bound daughter of a good friend. I have plenty of yellow and white yarn and some for the background in my stash. Just visited ACMoore for a couple more background fabrics. I am excited about this project. I love your blog! Also have a granny rose afghan in progress.

    1. Yay Cathie! Send me pics when you're done. :-)

  29. Hello Astri I am new to the world of blogging, crochet and sewing. I found your wonderful blog through Three Stories High which is another blog I really love. I hope you don't mind but I have put you on my favourites list as I adore the things you have written about. I have learned so much from the blogs I have read and know that I will really enjoy reading your posts. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Welcome! I am glad you are here. :-)

  30. hello astri,
    the tilda yarn looks beautiful.i love the colors!!!! i love your blanket!!!
    happy crocheting,

  31. Magnifiques coloris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Astri, your Rose Valley is beautifully colored! Can't wait to see what you have in store for them. I also want you to know I LOVE that Daisy Blanket!!

  33. Oh Astri - the roses are gorgeous! Not just the flower - but the COLORS -- they are magnificent. Oh how I wish I could crochet - I would make these all day long! You are amazing with your crochet abilities ---- now about that stash --- I think it becomes stash as soon as it walks through your door!

    Love you~

  34. Oh--- I forgot to say how gorgeous that daisy blanket is!!! Astri - you totally rock girlfriend -- your creations are SO beautiful!


  35. Beautiful yarn! I've been tempted to order some myself. I think as soon as you rip off the ball band it turns into stash. Love those roses!

  36. Oh I love your posts and projects! You're a crochet artist!:)