Monday, December 10, 2012

Rockman - The Christmas Version

My friend Linda at Linda's Crafty Corner blog
has done it again:

This is Linda's Christmas adaption of the Rockman Pattern.
See her post about it here.
She'll even tell you how to make the little trees.

See my side-bar for three posts on how to crochet your own squares or click:
here for Step 1
here for Step 2
here for Step 3
So fun and festive!!!
(And I just can't get over how cute those little trees are!)


  1. You make the most beautiful things woman!

  2. Un coussin de Noël, c'est aussi une jolie idée de réalisation. Les maisons se parent pour les fêtes !
    Nous avons vu un reportage sur les illuminations d'une rue de Murietta, impressionnant !!!
    Bonne journée :)

    1. The Christmas cushion is nice, yes!

      Our home will go without adornment this year due to work obligations taking 60 plus hours per week...but there is always next year. :-)

      I will check out the video link you sent.

  3. Thank you for posting it here Astri, I'm glad you like it and once again thank you for the inspiration :)

    1. You are welcome Linda. I always enjoy you and your blog. :-)