Monday, November 18, 2013

'Tis the Guessing Season - Post 1

You are cordially invited to a holiday themed guessing game.

A "what is it?" game, that is. :-)

Two photo clues will be posted each day for four days.

The first person to guess the item, in the comment section, of any of the four posts, 
will win the *three glorious prizes described at the bottom of this email.
In order to spread the fun throughout the week,
the clues will continue to be posted
even if there is a winner before the days are up.
The project and winner will be revealed on the weekend.

The winning guess must include three specific words that I am thinking of that describes it, although you can submit more than three words and you can guess each day if you would like.

Here are the first two clues:
Any ideas?

This project was made with the beautiful
 cotton blend Tilda Yarn from My Rose Valley.

*The winner will receive the following three prizes:

1) Annette of My Rose Valley has generously donated 3 balls of Tilda yarn of your choice with free Priority Shipping Worldwide. Since Annette will be shipping the yarn from her shop in Switzerland, she has also extended the following offer:
- The winner can also take the chance to purchase up to 5 more balls of Tilda yarn (4.90 USD/ball) of their choice and add to your parcel with no extra shipping fee. (Thank you so much Annette!) Click here to see all the fabulous colors.

2) The .pdf pattern to make your own project from the guessing posts.

3) A really cool supply that will help you make this project. It's a secret until the reveal as it would give away the answer.

 Good Luck Everyone!
I have the most amazing readers and I am so very grateful!


  1. Astri, может это новогодний венок из роз или пуансетии?

  2. A star to top the Christmas tree?
    xo Kris

  3. Hi, I know, it's the Christmas elf, with wihite long legs, haha, byebye

  4. Looks like een Christmas elf indeed :)

  5. I am thinking wreath with poinsettias???? I love your games. Jo x

  6. Honestly, I don't know.

    But thank you...I LOVE THESE GUESSING GAMES! They are so much fun. And you are good at them.


  7. A picot - shell - shawl. You know I'm not good at guessing games. lol


  8. Is it a CHRISTMAS TREE COSY? This guess inspired by the new Fedex one rate commercial which had me laughing out loud and replaying several times.

  9. I really don't know :) a tissue box cover with flowers?

  10. You love to tease us Astri ok I'm thinking A Christmas wreath. :)

  11. It's a Christmas wreath with holly on it.
    Love from Mum

  12. A Christmas Wreath with roses and bows .... :)

  13. A Christmas wreath with poinsettias, bows and leaves. Looks pretty whatever it is ! Everything you make looks pretty. xxoo