Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More of My Homies Granny Rose Afghans!

Wow, it's a banner week when I receive two emails from two lovely ladies with
photos of their granny rose afghans!

I'd like to share them with you...

First this one was made by Carolyn - it's her third one!
Check out the lighter shade of the rose color used for the granny row.
So pretty!

Here's a shot of the entire afghan.

 Now check out the soft warm coral and peach colors of this beauty:
Cynthia has marvelously constructed and generously shared this with me to share with you.
I love the soft green "leaf" row.

Thank you ladies!

Pattern for a "two toned rose" afghan can be purchased here.

Pattern for a "one toned rose" pillow or afghan can be purchased here.

As always...
I hope you are enjoying the therapeutic effects of crochet!


  1. Two new beauties and your lovely one with the fresh white to join those colourful roses!

  2. So pretty. I must get hold of this pattern!

  3. Oh wow they are beautiful your lovely roses are blooming everywhere. :) xx

  4. What a beautiful pattern. I love all the roses, the paler as well as the colourful ones. Viola

  5. Toda vez que venho aqui,fico fascinado com tanta beleza,parabéns pelo lindo projeto.Beijo.Valéria.