Monday, July 4, 2016

Granny Rose Projects-Inspired!


Boy, time keeps on slipping into the future!
I'd like to write more blog posts, but it does not seem to be happening lately.

I would; however, like to post a couple of amazing projects done by two lovely ladies:

This is Cindy finishing up her
"Red Ruby Granny Rose" afghan.
So vibrant and pretty they are!
Pattern can be purchased here.

And this is Carolyn's latest project,
it's called a Twiddle Muff!
The rose crocheted in the-the-round pattern can be purchased here.

Thank you so much ladies for being willing to share these with  us.
I feel honored that you sent these to me.


  1. Beautiful projects. Hope you had a good 4th. A year ago we were there with you ... time certainly does fly. Will travel to the States in a couple of weeks with my youngest who will be attending college in NY -- far away from Yusef in Colordao. :(