Friday, December 2, 2016

Winter has come to Stjernedal

It's been a frantic albeit fun four months of working on the inside of Stjernedal.
More before and after photos to come.
Come spring we'll work (play) on the outside.
 In the mean time here's a peek at
 how the outside looks during picturesque winter in Stjernedal.

No smoke from the chimney yet...

 The wood burning stove has been removed as it was too large for the space
 and the pipe went through an upstairs bedroom
and blocked part of the doorway:

Triple Wall gone:

Stove out:
 Rock out:
(Rocks have been retained for a future dry creek out front.)
The NVO is the best - this was not an easy task!

 Concrete out:

The stove, rock, and concrete is out,
replaced with paint, white-washed pine tongue and grove and a holiday tree. :-)

Next winter, we hope to install a stove in a different location in the living room
to add to that "koselig" feeling.
Until then...the cove heaters will keep us warm this winter.

Happy Winter Everybody!


  1. The rooms look great Astri.


  2. I am amazed at the amount of work you and your husband do while renovating home. I have seen your kitchen renovation turning it entire white on your blog posts. I get tired by just arranging my closet, how do you get all that energy :)

  3. Wow - what a difference without that stove. Everything looks fantastic.

  4. Hi Astrid, I have not been over your way for a while, just having a catch up since the cosy chair. What a lot of work but it all looks great. Jo x