Saturday, May 2, 2020

Isolation Blossom Blanket CAL (Crochet-A-Long) | Reveal

A ta-da moment...six weeks in the making!

The Isolation Blossom Blanket supporting COVID-19 relief
that was crocheted-a-long with the participants:
 It has been named "Autumn."


And it's been joined with its other seasons:
Four Seasons...because that's how long it took me to pull this all together. 😉
(Not complaining...just saying.)

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall...
(I didn't know what order to place them in so I went with the song.)

It's been absolutely delightful to crochet-a-long with you all.
Thank you all so much for your tireless hours, generosity, and for sharing your beautiful projects,
it's been an adventure,
and the adventure continues.

Please continue to share your progress to the Isolation Blossom Facebook Group
found by clicking here.

For more information about this project please click here. 

Crocheting for COVID-19 Relief
Helping them, helping us...

We are connecting here, on Facebook or Instagram.



P.S. If you are interested in this pattern, but this is not the right timing for you to participate
and you would prefer to purchase the pattern instead, or you have come across this CAL after
*April 30, 2020, the pattern is available as the "Blush Blossom Baby Blanket" at the following
Apple Blossom Dream's Shops:

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