Saturday, March 20, 2021

Blossom Circle Square | Crochet Pattern | Tests are in

Blossom - Circle - Square tests are in!

5 photos and 5 lovely testers!

1) Sandra of Reflections and Nature Blog

2) Barbara @misspreciouskighton 

3) Samantha @ubuntu_yoga_craft 

4) Ana @anitasudy 

5 & 6) Anja @crochetbyhoberg 

I have a lot of corrections to make. Apparently, I was trying to do too many things at once and too fast! These beautiful testers from all over the world have gone above and beyond and have been so delightful. 

The pattern will be released soon. I was hoping for today as it is the first day of spring but since I am out of the country on vacation it's not doable. So get your stash ready and your hooks sharpened to join in on some fun stash busting with this pattern to come.

and here's to you, my faithful crochet friends!


Astri Elisabeth