Sunday, May 15, 2022

Apple Blossom Dreams | Apple Blossom Season | Post 15 | The Last of this Series

    Apple Blossom Season - Post 15:

Since apple blossom season is going on in so many parts of the world, 
it spurred on an idea to create a string of apple blossom posts. 


This is the fifteenth (and today is the 15th!) and final installment of this series. 😮

Oh gosh, can you imagine, as I look around our home and root around in my belongings,
 all that is apple blossom-related? 
It's possible that the posts can go on until well after the petals fall. 😉

Since this is the last installment I thought it would be a good time 
to write a little bit about the how and why of apple blossoms and dreams in my life.
These are the first apple blossoms I crocheted in 2011 when I started
Apple Blossom Dreams.
This pattern is by Lesley Stanfield and can be found 
by clicking here

I used a 100% cotton yarn from Greece that I purchased at
my LYS, The Wool Cabin. I remember accompanying my mother 
to this shop as a young lady. She would purchase Dale Baby Wool from Norway
 and knit away. Sadly, the shop has closed but the memories are still intact.

I named my blog and later my shop Apple Blossom Dreams,
because I lived on Apple Blossom Lane.
Apple Blossom Lane is also where many of my dreams came true.

The dream of owning a home as a single mother,
the dream of raising my daughter in a good home with a stable environment,
the dream of meeting a good man to share dreams together,
and last but not least,
the dream of starting and building a crochet pattern business.

A great BIG thank you to you, my followers and friends, for your
role in helping the latter come true!

We no longer live on Apple Blossom Lane,
but that street and those dreams are still alive and well.
As a reminder of where and when it all started,
I have saved and displayed those first crocheted apple blossoms:
Here they are in the Apple Blossom Dreams studio/guest room.
Our poor visitors are inundated with apple blossoms, as you can imagine.

So that is how it began and how it continues...

As this is the last installment of this series, it by no means indicates 
an end to future apple blossom posts, as I am sure you may have already suspected.

Please continue to stay tuned for a little of this and a little of that, 
and maybe some apple blossoms here and there.

Wishing you 
and many happy apple blossom moments!



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