Friday, March 17, 2023

Granny Rose 2 | Stash-A-Long | Week 8 - Large Granny Square Back | Live on YouTube

  Are you ready for Week 8 of the Granny Rose SAL (Stash-a-long?)

This week I will show how to make a great big granny square
 for the back of your pillow/cushion cover.

Week 8

"Granny Square Back"
 is live on YouTube!

Eight videos have been released so far for the"Granny Rose 2" squares step-by-step tutorials.
 This eighth video will teach you how to make this back to your pillow/cushion cover.
You can make this! 
I will help you. 😁
This project is free! 
I will help you make a Tri-Color Granny Rose pillow/cushion cover from your stash
and provide all the steps in the videos. 

I would LOVE for you to join me on YouTube!

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However...and apparently shamelessly...
if you would like to purchase the pattern which includes all the steps in a 
step-by-step photo tutorial including a link to an exclusive YouTube video 
with all the steps in one video then please check out
 the "Tri-Color Granny Rose 2" 
pattern on 

You will not need to purchase the pattern for the SAL/CAL but it may be
helpful to have a copy of the pattern handy...
plus ya' know, it sure helps the small business owner yada, yada,yada. 😉

Additional Information:

There are two Tri-color Granny Rose 2 pattern options:

1) The motif/granny square only.

You can find the motif pattern by clicking on any of the following shops:


2) The Original Granny Rose Pompom pillow with two pompom border options, 
PLUS the new motif and layout as pictured here combined in one purchase. 


You can find the pillow pattern which includes the new motif and layout
 by clicking on any of the following shops:

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to connect with you here
on YouTube, or Instagram!
On Instagram @appleblossomdreams #grannyrose2SAL

Wishing you lots of colorful and

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