Saturday, May 6, 2023

Apple Blossom Dreams Trip | London

 A piece of my heart is in London! ❤️

Last week, during the preparation for "The Coronation," the Little Bug and I
 were fortunate enough to visit London - the first time for both of us.

This trip had been long in the works and we had no idea when we booked it
 that the coronation would be happening the following week. So lucky!

This was to be a business trip for Apple Blossom Dreams, so many yarny things were to happen;
however, I caught a cold upon arrival 
(this seems to happen a lot when I travel - any suggestions/recommendations out there?) 
and it changed the trip a bit. 
After a few days of rest, we were still able to experience magnificent London and Kingston. 
A little slower and a little less than planned, but fun nonetheless.

Here are a few photos from those glorious days:

1) Check out this stunning blossom storefront - this was common and so beautiful!
2) It wasn't London without seeing Buckingham Palace.
3) My heart skipped a beat when we ran across this Swedish Bakery. 
We had the best coconut macaroon of our lives!

4) Henry the 8th's Palace. Incredible!

5) An early Mother's Day gift - High Tea.

6) The only yarny thing that ended up happening. Macculloch & Wallis 
A delightful shop with a delightful staff.
7) Painted stairs that beckoned a photo opportunity.

8) Little Bug with a cappuccino - and that's the Thames River (not pronounced the way it looks.)
9) Mother and daughter moments before seeing "Hamilton."
10) One of my favorite paintings at the National Gallery @nationalgallery 
Again, blossoms.
Gustaf Klimt - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II 1912

Have you been to London? Do you live nearby? What is your favorite part?

Have a happy coronation day, thank you for following along, and



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