Friday, July 21, 2023

Norwegian Barbie | Celebrating Movie Release | Yarn for Barbie Clothes

 Okay, so I am jumping on the Barbie bandwagon! 
Well...sort of...with a twist. 😉🤪 A Norwegian Barbie!!! 

The secret is out now...I love and always have loved Barbie. 

 Years ago, Little Bug and I organized Barbie Intelligence Pageants. 
Barbie contestants answered questions in the academic realm...
math, science, history, language, etc.
I asked the questions and the Barbies (represented by Little Bug's voice) answered. 
The prizes of course were things like a pink Corvette, shoes, and gowns.  
I don't remember which Barbie won, but apparently, 
it wasn't Norwegian Barbie as she is still in the box. 

Little Bug went on to become quite academically inclined...
but not much into cars, gowns, or shoes. 

 And on a slightly different subject, crocheting Barbie clothes has always been
 on my crochet project bucket list. Especially Norwegian national costumes called bunads. 
I think Scheepjes Catona yarn is the perfect yarn for this endeavor. 
A Catona yarn pack with over 100 colors (certainly every bunad color could be found here).

you can order a box of these little cuties (109) and use them for Barbie clothes,
 for any project, or just for fun on *Amazon by clicking here.
If you are in the US, you will be receive your yarn quickly.

*Apple Blossom Dreams may receive a small commission
 on purchases made via this Amazon affiliate link, 
however, it is at no additional cost to you.

 Uffda, my crochet bucket list of ideas runneth over. 
Do you ever feel the same way?


Astri Elisabeth

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