Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Countdown to Christmas | Espresso - Cookies - Crochet | Day 12

 "Berlinerkranser, Nespresso, and Something Crocheted" countdown...

Day 12
A combination of two different crochet patterns for a water closet curtain.
(Hmmmm...lighting not so good in the water closet for photos.)
Crochet Pattern:
Free Aloha Blossom Motif pattern
by Apple Blossom Dreams
found by clicking here.

Joined with the Claudia Afghan join.
Claudia Afghan pattern found by clicking here.

Scheepjes Stonewashed

Scheepjes Stone and Rivered washed yarn is available in a color pack of little cuties 
(58 of them!) from *Amazon by clicking here

We love our original Nespresso (that uses the smaller pods as shown in this countdown); 
however, for a larger cup, I recommend this Vertuoline:

It can be found at *Amazon by clicking here.
And for a variety pack of delicious pods for 
the Vertuoline click here.

Berlinerkranser rolled into number shapes. 
Berlinerkranser recipe found here.

Happy Holidays

Astri Elisabeth

*Apple Blossom Dreams may receive a small commission
 on purchases made via these Amazon affiliate links, 
however, it is at no additional cost to you.

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