Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Granny Rose and Granny Square Bag | How to Guidelines

The Granny Rose / Granny Square bag for Bug is done!

I made eight "Granny Rose 2" squares and 16 regular granny squares. 
I accidentally made two too many roses so I whip-stitched those together
leaving a small opening, and attached it to an i-cord for a little mini purse.

"The Granny Rose 2" pattern is available for free on my YouTube channel.
Here's the first video for that rose:
or the pattern for the Rose Square is available for purchase by clicking on the following 
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops:
Lined the inside (and the strap) with fabric from the fabric stash. 
Stitched it in with a sewing machine! 
The sewing machine is something I generally avoid, but this was pretty slick. 
Perhaps the sewing machine and I will become friends again...

I used 100% acrylic DK yarn in cream, beige, grey, 
and Lion Brand Jeans yarn in "Classic" and "Top Stitch" for this project.

I have added "write a pattern for the whole thing" to my to-do list...

Stay tuned for a lot more love and a lot of

coming your way!

Astri Elisabeth

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