Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossom Dreams

I truly love Kristiansund N., Norway, my home town.
This photo below, from our last visit in 2009, of this beautiful city, adorns the header of this blog:

The colors are so beautiful and it so very much makes me long for Norway; however, I have to ask myself  "How is this photo related to Apple Blossom Dreams?" Hmmmmm...well there ARE blossoms at the bottom of the photo; but, those blossoms, as far as I can tell, appear to be primroses, not even remotely related to apple blossoms. On the other hand, the photo is related to "dreams" and both the NVO and I dream of Norway most everyday, but Norway is just one of our dreams and this blog really is about so many dreams...

 There was no particular reason to insert these photos here, just simply a couple of
random photos we took in Kristiansund, N. Norway, that I find pleasing. 
I hope you enjoy them too.

My most current dream (obsession) is to have the opportunity to crochet wherever and whenever possible.
 (I don't believe that is the NVO's dream, but it does keep me out of trouble and off the streets, and THAT'S gotta' be a dream of his. ;-0)

Crocheting is calming and meditative (is that a word?). I have found that it's the most perfect multi-tasking activity and it's portable, to boot. I can watch a movie and crochet, I can attend a sporting event and crochet, I can fish and crochet (stay posted on this one as more to come from our annual St. Valentines' weekend ice-fishing trip, a little crochet... a little wiggle of the jig, very romantic), I can snuggle with the NVO and crochet, I can ride the exercise bike and crochet, I can wait in long lines or in waiting rooms and crochet, I can crochet in my car while waiting to pick someone up and countless other activities and crochet at the same time. Still trying to figure out how to blog and crochet at the same time, though. Additionally, I just absolutely love it and can't stop. As the NVO says "Just put the hook and yarn down, put your arms up and slowly walk away." tee, hee...yeah, right...

So due to the fact that apple blossoms have many connections for us and so many special and even a few hidden meanings, as well, what could be better to represent that, than some crocheted apple blossoms?

That's idea is born:
Branches of Crocheted Apple Blossoms
Will Become the New Header

Hey, it's another excuse to crochet and it fits right into the theme. Our dreams from Apple Blossom Lane, which just happen to include a dream about crochet, crochet, crochet, all the time crochet. Crochet this and crochet that. Crocheted roses, monkeys, afghans, snowflakes, hearts blossoms. Surely this could not be a waste of time. Surely I should not put down the hook and yarn and slowly walk away...

And since I strive to be a woman of are some of the actions behind these BIG crocheting words I write...

First the inspiration: The Naked Branch project from the Easy Makes Me Happy Blog solidified the idea in my head and I plan to incorporate her pattern for the leaves, as well. As per the Easy Makes me Happy Blog, my next step was the branch. I trekked through our yard for some branches that were broken during our last heavy snowfall.

Then I rescued a white ceramic pot in the corner of the kitchen where an alive plant previously thrived...through the cold winter this plant did not fare so well. Farewell sweet plant, I'm sorry I was unable to save you...

Next, a lovely pattern for apple blossoms was discovered in Lesley Stanfields, 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet, book. This pattern can also be found on the Lion Brand Website. I may even throw in a couple of the little rosebuds from the same pattern book. I purchased this book from Amazon and it has been well loved and survived  many a "crochet phase."

Lastly, the really exciting piece: THE YARN!!! Purchased from my favorite yarn shop: The Wool Cabin, luscious Greek cotton yarn. Yummy!!! Check out these colors - I could eat them up.

The makings of this project:

This is just the beginning of this project...I will post again in regards to how the project is coming along.
I am so excited to work on it that I want to call-in sick at work,
probably a common feeling amongst us hookers.

Playing hooky to hook!
(Hope my boss doesn't read my blog)

Once this project is "hooked up" and photographed, I fear the real challenge will be how to best create a blog header incorporating the blossoms. HTML lessons, anyone?

Stay tuned for updates.

Love and may you have sweet apple blossom dreams,


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