Friday, January 7, 2011


I Dream of Creating a Blog and Learning HTML

Wow, we did it; we finally figured out how to create a blog. A simple one, indeed; however, it's a starting point. It took so many more hours than expected: templates and gadgets, sizing photos, dashboards and profiles and where is what and what is where??? Ack!!! I'm not even going to start freaking out about this HTML stuff...yet...borders and thumbnail photos will just simply have to wait.

Whew, it's done now and the weekend is still young. Here we are and we are so excited to write to no one, everyone or anyone. As "min gubbe" sleeps beside me, so patient and supportive of my latest "antics", I type, design, and whittle away at the early morning hours. So happy to finally be getting around to this.

That's it, my work here, tonight, is done, it's best to turn sees i morgen.


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