Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ice Blue

A Favorite Color

My list of favorite colors goes on and on, but if I had to pick just one favorite,
it would have to be "Ice Blue".

Ice blue is a difficult color to find in most everything I search; it must be very light and soft with with absolutely no green in at all and very little gray, if any.
Icy shivers of joy enveloped my entire being,
as by a stroke of luck, while shopping at the local Michael's, I found an Alpaca blend of the most lovely ice blue colored yarn - Bernat calls it "Sky" - that's nice too.

I make every effort and conscientiously choose to fall in love with winter and what's more fun about winter than a feminine scarf as a back drop to icy breath and a black coat? ;-)

Perhaps I love ice blue because it reminds me of a Norwegian winter, additionally we have many winter days in Utah that would also fall into the "beautiful ice blue" category.
(Photographed with a tiny little water color of Norway - maybe in the winter...maybe not...)

So the search was on for the perfect scarf pattern...I started and ended with my blogging friend Mrs. Micawber's most inspiring blog because I figured since she also experiences icy winters that she would likely have something that would work.
Alas, her "Flowering Clematis Scarf Pattern" was just what I was looking for.
And goodness gracious, if you are ever looking for scarf patterns, complete with the most detailed and easy to follow directions/tutorials, her blog is definitely the place to go.
Several incredible scarves that will just tickle you pink.
 (Ohhhh, I like pink too. :-) )

In her post, Sue claims that this scarf is fun, fast and easy. It was so true - the scarf was done in two hours - all the while watching the dancers perform the Argentinian Tango on DWTS.
One show=one scarf that looks like (IMHO) it took much longer to make.

Thank you so much Sue, I love it!


  1. Thank you very much!! kisses Silvinha
    Thanks for your visit!!

  2. Wow, how fun to see it on a friend's blog! It looks beautiful. I have seen that yarn at Michael's and picked it up many a time just to feel its softness.

    Thanks so much for the glowing review. :)

  3. Your scarf is very beautiful, Astri.

  4. Hola Astri que color divino y delicado y el modelo de bufanda me encanta es muy romántico tan femenino buena elección, Quería agradecerte por pasear por mi blog un beso.

  5. Thank you all. All your blogs are so enjoyable!

    The scarf is soft, I'll use this yarn again; however, it does leave "droppings" on my black coat. A storm is predicted for tomorrow so an opportunity to wear it will arrive soon.

    And as they say...kisses!

  6. I'm partial to just about any shade of blue. Your scarf is very delicate and pretty. I must go check out the pattern. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

  7. You are right "T" blue in any shade in wonderful! Thank you for stopping by my little corner. Let me know if you try the pattern - it's so fast and fun.

  8. Thanks for popping by. I see something fun here today. Beautiful. And by the way, I do love the white, even though I live in color.