Monday, April 2, 2012


I believe in a world where bobbles, granny squares and roses can co-exist.

A variation on the Granny Rose:
All roses are white, then three "granny" rows of color were added ending with a row of white.
The "granny" rows were worked underneath on all petals, but I think I prefer the alternating petals under and above as in tomorrow's video for week 3 of the Granny Rose Crochet-A-Long.

Bobbles aren't just for zigzags anymore...

A row of bobbles along one side and then connected to the next square, then another square,
then bobble the other direction across two squares until all squares are connected.
There are two sc between each bobble but it would have been better with three.
(I was winging it.)
A bobble is 5 dc but leave a loop on the hook each time, then pull through all six loops.

 Sc bobbles squares together (they'll be connected at each corner).
Then sc front to back and add a picot edge 
leaving a small opening on one of the short ends....
 where heart buttons secure the opening.
Once again, placed on Little Bug's bed with the
or sitting outside to enjoy our seasons latest sunshine: least some partial sunshine. :-)

Have a Sunny Day!

See ya' tomorrow for Week 3 of the 
Granny Rose Crochet-A-Long!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. Such happy colours, and the white makes everything pop.

  3. What sweet comments! I will definitely need to adjust this one a bit if I am to make another. :-)