Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creamsicle Cookies

Sunday Evening Treat
that brought us back to our childhood days

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and a
A Sunday Morning Breakfast Treat

Bunny buns with hard boiled eggs hidden inside.
And an additional yummy delight:
the white tulips are in full bloom.
Spring Joy!!!


  1. Hi, looks like you have been cooking up a storm. Those cookies look so good i'm go to make them these school holidays.

  2. Oh my! Those bunny buns are absolutely adorable. I was a fudgesicle kinda girl growing up. Or a banana pop. Yum! But those cookies sound delicious! Have a great week. Tammy

  3. Creamsicles...a truly inspired flavour combination. Love those bunny buns.

  4. Astri was only able to bake half the cookies. She made the mistake of leaving the cookie dough without any supervision. :-D