Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Love Is Alive

and it's made a happy woman out of me...
Oh, love is alive and here with me:
This is the NVO, he is love and he is here...
In this photo he is making coffee,
he does that everyday for us....
Now, if that's not love I do not know what is!
A heart shaped crocheted rag rug made from a Ravelry pattern 
by KJ Bryan Designs is also alive with love.
Click here for the link.
 Made from ripped (not cut) thrift store sheets. 
(and maybe a couple of our sheets...we had guests come to visit a while back and I was short the red flat sheet that I generally use for the guests.....hmmmmm...I wonder what happened?)
Happy Feet!!!

Wishing you a happy day, alive with love!!!


  1. ooh this is fabulous, i love it!

  2. Love, love, love this rug ... and the coloring. So happy.

  3. Love it! thanks for the link! I love making these kind of rugs and yours came out very nice!

  4. super joliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a lovely idea Astri. it's a beautiful rug, who needs sheets anyway ha ha

  6. Astrid que bonita alfombra preciosa quisiera que me digas que tipo de lana haz usado.GRACIAS.
    mi correo es: micielo_70@hotmail.com

  7. That rug is adorable! I love the heart shape and the colors (of course!). Ah. The Wonderful World of Astri's Colors. I love the colors you use. Now I have to take a look at that pattern! Unfortunately I have no red sheets to speak of.

    Hubby and I are busy rearranging stuff (a lot of stuff) in our finished basement. I want to reorganize my craft area and storage closet - AGAIN. Hubby is helping me. My plan is to order a cutting table at counter height. Now I'm dragging fabric upstairs to the kitchen island and that is too much work. Even retired I don't have enough time to do all that I want to do.

  8. Great rug, Astri! I've been wanting to crochet a rag rug for years and have put it off again and again. This is adorable. Ripped is definitely the way to go!

    P.S. If and when you ever wash it, would you do a post on that? I've always wanted to know how they dry. My little crochet fabric coasters take forever to dry, so I'm wondering if a rug would be the same.

  9. I love your rug - it's a pretty heart shaped rainbow. :)

  10. Thank you all so much for the wonderful rug comments. Every comment makes me smile. We are in a rush to head out of town so my comment back is a bit lackluster and for that I apologize.

    Have a Happy Independence Day Y'all!

  11. Wonderful colors and a beautiful rug. I love it!!!1

  12. Amazing! You always make the most lovely things :-)

  13. Hej, that looks fantastic. I just found your blog and have become a follower. I have never been in Norway, but my parents have. I have been to Danmark and love it there. I'm sure I would love Norge too ; )
    Have a great day og kaere hilsner ; )

  14. Astri! Love your work. ♥ This heart will be perfect for my little, little bathroom. Greetings from Norway! Lena.

  15. What wonderful comments! Thank you all so much. Welcome new followers from near and far, as well!!! XOXOXOXO

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  17. Thank you so much for giving credit! I don't have many patterns published but it's always a thrill to find someone who actually made something from one of my patterns... I love, love the colors you chose and the extra rounds you added :) Very nice Lizzie! Thank you again!