Friday, July 6, 2012

My CAL Homies Part Trois

A CAL update...
I am still continually getting more hits on the "Granny Rose CAL" posts than any others.
(Please see right side of blog for links to the Granny Rose Crochet-A-Long.)
It's difficult to express how totally delighted I am!

Here are a few of you that have either emailed me their photos or I have run across serendipitously.
These have also been posted on the "CAL "page here along with the others from the earlier posts.

Fiona "Fee" has made this lusciously soft pink rose afghan.
Oh my! It is so pretty.
I love the alternating squares of roses with the plain granny; really makes a statement.
You can find the Fiona's details on Ravelry here

Here's another set from plus another pillow from
She is still diligent and so talented!
She's been making them as gifts and also putting felt leaves behind the roses for brooches. 
What a great idea!

Linda at Linda's Craft Corner is at is again, with these ponchos.
 Please click here and here for her amazing posts.
She has combined two CAL'S into one; clever gal!
But what I like best about Linda: she would rather crochet than to do 
housework and I'm all about that!
Makes us kindred, for sure. :-)

and speaking of kindred...

look at this beauty from Sandy at Teacup Lane
She calls it the Moonlight Pillow Cover.
Click here to see her blog and post.

Pattas, in Tasmania, at Hooks and Books
has made 100 of these beautiful squares from scraps, no less.
The colors are gorgeous - just look at that purple/pinky color. Yum!
Click here for her post along with along delightful projects.

Please let me know if I have missed  yours and if you would like me to add it to this post or a future post and the "CAL" page. Leave a comment or email me at
My heart signs with joy to see the rose granny popping up in the most unexpected places.
Thank you all for so much joy!


  1. All of them are beautiful Astri, and don't think I'm done with them yet, I love Fiona's Afghan it's beautiful. :)

  2. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more blessings

  3. Thankyou so much for the cal.. I am enjoying it still.. There are so many wonderful projects your followers have made using the flower, that I just have to keep making them LOL..
    Stunning work ..
    Will there be another Cal in the pipe line soon ???

  4. My fingers have been itching to start on these myself but I have a bazillion things I have told myself I have to finish up before I can start. I know once I get going on them that I'll be making them like crazy as well. They are all lovely.

  5. I love the poncho ;-)
    Have a marvelous weekend !!

  6. Such beautiful projects. That makes my hands itch. I have to finish a bed cover ( bedspread) first though. I am making it with granny squares and I only have to do two rows and then a scallop around it.
    Where can I find the pattern of the rose grannies ?? I would love to join in the fun.
    Have a wonderful day and thank you for your lovely visit !

    1. Hello! The patterns along with step by step instructions and a video can be found on the top right of my blog. Week 2 - would be the rose and so on and so forth. :-)


  7. Thanks for showcasing me again Astri! You are soooo sweet! All of these crocheters have made beautiful works with your granny rose pattern. I just love the granny's fun to crochet and it looks beautiful. I'm fighting the urge to use the granny rose on the back of my flag pillow cover I'm making now. I may use it again. At least some of the squares. I laughed when I read your Cracker Barrel comments on my last post. I think we are sisters because we are so alike. I'm taking a coffee break on my porch this morning before it gets too hot (forecasted 100 degrees here today!) Hubby is helping me re-organize my craft room area. That's my priority today. Have a lovely weekend. Wish you lived closer we could visit and have a good old crocheting time.

    1. Haha! Ditto.

      You two just need to take a trip out in that cool camper van and come visit. :-)

  8. They're all so gorgeous :) Maggie xx

  9. Thank you all for your comments! I am so proud of all these lovely crocheters. Such creativity and talent!

  10. hello astri
    your rose blanket is wonderful.beautiful ponchos.
    wish you a nice sunday,

  11. Hola Astri estos trabajos tan hermosos pero la manta natural y rosa se lleva mi amor es preciosa!!! besitos.

  12. It's lovely to see all the creative ways the roses are being used. I really like your torn sheet heart rug. Hope all is well. Have a great week. Tammy