Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anticipating a Plethora of Zucchini

Our zucchini is not ready to be harvested yet,
but I'm gearing up with one of my favorite ways to prepare it:
My cute friend "M" taught me to make "hash" with zucchini and leeks.
And this is how it's done:
 Fry up some zucchini and leeks in a little coconut oil and Tony Chachere's spice.
Leeks are the secret ingredient here, 
their sweetness is just the perfect compliment to the zucchini and spice.
 Place on a plate next to the NVO's spicy Italian chicken sausage with onions.
 Two eggs for the NVO and two egg whites for me.
A little fresh ground pepper and coarse sea salt.
 Lay eggs on top of mixture of choice.
Add a little avocado and hot sauce.
 Served with coffee and creamer of choice.
(I figure, at this age, I could use a little extra estrogen. ;-) )


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jane - tonight I would like some of that chicken from your post :-)

  2. That looks great. I always forget about leeks - they sound wonderful with zucchini.

    I can't hear the word "plethora" without thinking of "The Three Amigos".


    1. Too funny. A plethora of pinatas full of zucchini!

  3. It looks yummy Astri, I think leeks enhance any dish they have a lovely flavour but I have never tried them with zucchini:)

    1. Leeks are so yummy - hard to find around here...not a plethora of leeks around. ;-)

  4. That looks and sounds great! I am not familiar though, with that spice?
    I will try it!
    xo Kris

    1. It's a Cajun spice and the NVO living in Texas and Louisiana for so many years introduced me to comes in regular low-salt and spicy. I like spicy!

  5. App├ętissant !!!!!!!!!!!!!