Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dollar Store Garden and Bean Stalk Finale!

 4 for $1 seed packets from the Dollar Store reaped this:
and this:

And this is how it all went down:
Day 1

Day 7

Day 14

Day 21

 Day 28

 Day 35

 Day 42

 Day 49

Day 56

Day 63

Day 70

Day 77

Day 84

Even the castor bean friendship plant survived.
Here it is today:
The garden markers faded...
I will have to come up with a different plan for next year.

And here is the bean stalk's humble beginnings:
That's it for now...
Perhaps a future late summer post to see how they all survived will be in the works. 
But, until then, lots of other home happenings!


  1. it is great to see nature just doing it's magic thing! Jo x

  2. Lovely Astri, such a pretty blue. :)

  3. That is a lot of bang for your buck Astri!!! Love it!!!
    XO Kris

  4. beautiful flowers!I love it!

  5. Your garden is lovely !! It's not simply one can buy and grow. You have taken a very good care that's why they all turned so beautiful :)
    What are those white granules in the soil?

    1. Hi Preeti, thank you so much!
      THe white granules are vermiculite:
      "Vermiculite is an organic, asbestos-free soil amendment that can be used to improve moisture retention and aeration in potting mixes. It helps support root structure and stimulates root growth.

      Use to improve moisture retention and aeration in potting mixes
      Supports root structure to stimulate fast root growth
      Organic soil conditioner registered with the Organic Materials"

      Quoted from this link:

  6. How neat to seeing their beginnings until now. Thanks.


  7. I love growing flowers from seeds. Yours look so pretty. xx

  8. I'm in love with your bachelor buttons! Your garden has turned out so magnificent!

  9. Tenk at så små frø kan bli til så nydelige sommerblomster i hagen! Det er naturens underverk! :-)