Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My CAL Homies Part Huit

I am pleased to show off two more projects made from the Granny Rose:

Judy over at CJ's Stitching and Blooms made these adorable pin cushions.
What darling gifts and stash-busters too!
(Oh, and how about those cute little critters?)
Be sure to visit Judy, she has a heart of gold and posts about all kinds of lovely things.

And check out this beauty:
Cheri made this for her secret sister. 
She joined the squares with a flat braid.
Cheri would like to make one for herself but she is busy spreading her crochet love to others, at this time. :-)
Cheri does not have a blog but kindly shared the photos with me. 
Thank you Cheri!

I have added these projects to the CAL page with many other projects made by lovely bloggers. :-)


  1. Astri these are just beautiful, I love the colours. I am always drawn to flowers and I think crochet ones are particularly appealing, thanks for sharing these with us, will certainly pop over to Judy's blog and have a look. Have a wonderful week
    Lots of love

  2. Two lovely projects made including your lovely roses!
    Well done to Judy for her pin-cushions. I just love anything in miniature and well done to Cheri who has made a beautiful blanket! The uses for this rose are endless! Wonderful! It must make you happy, Astri!

  3. Hello Astri,, The blanket Cheri made for her secret sister is most gorgeous.. Of course The Rose always makes each project. Thanks for sharing the photos of My Wee Pincushions..Much appreciated. Hugs judy

  4. great pin cushions and please pass on admiration to Cheri for her gorgeous blanket. Jo x

  5. such beautiful projects made by very talented people.

  6. Beautiful projects with your pretty roses !

  7. Your rose is a gift that keeps on giving :-)

  8. All very beautiful, I love the blanket. :)

  9. All very beautiful, I love the blanket. :)