Friday, June 27, 2014

Lawn and Garden Shower - Post 1: Invitation

Brandon and Monique are getting married in August. :-)
Brandon is offspring #3 of our 6 children.

Sunday, June 22 we had a shower for the lovely Monique.
I will post a series of posts about the shower.

Today's post is about the:
Some information has been changed to protect the innocent. ;-)

I printed these, two to a page, and them glued inside bright colored cards from JoAnn's for $4.

The flowery heart was printed by itself and placed on the front of the card.

Mailing labels were made to match:
These were made in Microsoft Word.
The font is Chisel.
The heart was in my image file; 
I do not know where it came from, but
if someone has that information I would be happy to post it.

The invitation made way for the colors and theme for the shower.

Next stop "The Dollar Tree" for decorations. :-)


  1. Adorable, Astri :-) I'm sure everyone loved them. I like the names you put on your examples (yes, I read them all; I'm a dork!). Take care :-)

  2. These are very clever! And the cupcakes in your previous post look amazing. You must have been a busy girl!

  3. I love the "Lawn and Garden" shower idea. I am going to be busy taking notes since my sons engaged.

    I can't wait to see more.

  4. How lovely, Astri. I love that flowery heart, especially for a garden party! It must have been a wonderful occasion!

  5. Fab, lovely, gorgeous idea, Astri ~ I'm sure it was a beautiful shower! Pat xx

  6. What an awesome idea.... The invitation card looks adorable!!

  7. Tout cela prend beaucoup de temps mais le résultat est très joli et cela fait tellement plaisir tous ces petits présents. Mon mari fête ses 60 ans très bientôt et je voudrai préparer des petites choses en porcelaine froide mais je n'ai toujours pas commencé, je crois que je ne ferai rien :( Il me manque du temps, dommage.
    Félicitations pour ces préparatifs Astri !!