Monday, June 30, 2014

Lawn and Garden Shower - Part 4: Food

Brandon and Monique are getting married in August. :-)
Brandon is offspring #3 of our 6 children.

Sunday, June 22nd we had a shower for the lovely Monique.
I will post a series of posts about the shower.

Today's post is about the:
A heart shaped rose and greenery cake.
(How to on this post.)

Chocolate eclairs.
These were purchased from the frozen section of the dollar store and then
embellished with some little coral rose buds and leaves.

Heart shaped Norwegian berlinerkranser,
recipe from this post.

Cupcakes to match.
These were filled with fresh squished raspberries and then strained.
The juice that was strained off was added to the coral frosting,
along with a little lemon extract.

 We also served four kinds of quiches:
Asparagus and shrimp
Bacon, mushroom and cheddar.
Ham and three cheese.
Spinach, feta, mushroom and tomato.

Strawberry, clementine and mint salad from this post.

Garbanzo bean, lime, avocado and grape tomato salad.

And then a green salad with craisins, almonds, feta cheese with a
lite raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Peach nectar mixed with champagne topped with mint leaves,
as well as a "green" drink for the so inclined.

My dear friend "K" came and helped with serving an clean-up,
 as well as, ran errands for me during the week. 
A very kind friend, indeed. It helped so much!

Things got hectic and I unfortunately did not get photos of the food.
Better planning next time!


  1. How wonderful Astri. Everything looks marvelous and so well presented. Congratulations to your son and his bride :)

  2. I love the way you continue your rose theme in your food! Everything is so wonderfully decorated!

  3. Everything looks delicious and is so well thought out to go with your theme! It is wonderful. xx

  4. Astri the layout of colours is beautiful :))

  5. Looks pretty and sounds delicious :-)

  6. That food looks much too pretty to eat.

  7. Wow! It is all so pretty and wonderful sounding! I am sure the lovely bride to be was thrilled!!!
    xo Kris

  8. Hi Astri, I've been following along with these posts and everything you have done is so pretty. The bride is such a lucky girl!

  9. On wow it all looks so wonderful! X

  10. Gorgeous Astri. You should be a decorator.


  11. I am drooling over everything. Maybe you should be a caterer. SO pretty!

  12. It all looks very yummy Astri, and so classy you could do this for a living. :)