Friday, December 12, 2014

Blue Belt Berlinerkranser

Blue Berlinerkranser in honor of the NVO and his
 Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt!
(Belinerkranser look a bit like belts, right?)

Look, I left out the "l' in Congratulations!
That makes me happy.
Some were sprinkled with white for the student that received white stripes on his blue belt.
(But the dough was still blue.)

These are the NVO's favorite cookie...and they might look a little more appetizing 
sans blue. But nevertheless, they tasted the same. ;-)

Recipe found here and they can look like this:

Berlinerkranser are a traditional Norwegian Christmas cookie,
but as you can see, we spread the joy out all year long. :-)

I am so proud of you!

P.S. I so want to get around and see you all.
I do, but the time to comment has been nil.
A full-time job now and I'm still in school; it has been hectic!
Final test is today and then it's time for Jul joy!
Oh and Bunny Rose, has been begging for a post. :-)


  1. The cookies look yummy Astri.


  2. I hope that you have some time for quiet for yourself very soon! I love the idea of these cookies, a great combination of celebration and Christmas all in one for you!! xx

  3. Congrats. I love Berlinerkranser too :)

  4. Yummy looking cookies, Astri :-) Congratulations to the NVO!

  5. There are some yummy treats happening over here! I love all of your recent makes, but have been a bit slack in commenting. I particularly like the chevron scarf. Jo x

  6. The treats look amazing.. Congrats to the NVO.