Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bunny Rose: Contributor

Hello everybody!
 I am Bunny Rose and I am now a contributor to the Apple Blossoms Dreams Blog.
I came from Brazil via the lovely Pri found here, but now I live with Astri in the USA.
I am so excited about writing posts during this busy time for Astri.
(We'll still be hearing from her, occasionally, as well.)
I have a lot of ideas (mostly crochet ideas) that I would like to share with you,
but for my very first post (by myself),
I would like to share a few clothing items I have been crocheting.
A dress, a skirt, and some boots that match the vest I made from this post.
I must apologize for the lighting in these photos. 
You see, I need Astri's help with the photographs and since she has returned to work,
the natural light is not available when she arrives home in the evening.

In any case, here are some close-ups: 
this is the basic dress.
Perhaps it looks better on:
The nice thing about crocheting items for oneself is that there's no guessing on size. :-)
It's a good fit, huh?
The dress can be worn alone, or with the vest or the skirt or both!

These are the boots:
They have been protecting my feet from my first cold Utah winter.
(It's not so cold in Brazil.)

 Here is the skirt:

A rose for my hair:
(This actually doubles as a bracelet, 
as my ears and arms are approximately the same circumference, hehe.)

And the vest from the previous post:
It can be worn buttoned in the back or front.
I used Astri's Granny Rose pattern for this.
I have had fun making and wearing these items.

What do you think?
Do you like them?

Astri told me that I can start using her leftover yarn scraps from her other projects,
so I am looking forward to seeing what I can come up with...
I'm thinking of a blanket with matching pillow and maybe a scarf...

What would you make?
I would love to hear your ideas.

Thank you for visiting!
 I hope to connect with you soon. :-)


  1. Hi there Bunny Rose, nice to meet you. Must be cold for you at Astri's house.
    Prepare yourself, if she chooses to bring you with her to Norway.
    We've had about -20 Celcius for a while now, and yes it is freezing.
    Today looks like only -10 Celcius, almost summer in comparasing.
    I love cold and winter so I am enjoying it. Having breakfast now and drinking my coffee
    from the Christmas cup, love the cup.
    Have a nice day and it will be fun so see shat you can wip up from Astris' scrap yarn :o)

  2. Oh my gosh! Just so darn cute! Happy Holidays! Tammy

  3. You are just the cutest thing ever.

    How about a jacket and hat so you can go riding on Blossom with Astri?

  4. Aren't you just adorable and so fashion conscious.

  5. Welcome Bunny Rose. I love your outfits so pretty. I think you need some nightware now. To keep warm while we are having a cold spell. you could even have a crocheted night cap with holes for your ears.
    Looking forward to seeing what you make next.

  6. Hi Bunny Rose I think that your clothes are amazing and you really suit them. The weather will only get colder from now on so I think you need to make yourself a poncho to keep yourself warm, you take care of yourself and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your makes, you put my bunnies to shame. :) xx

  7. You're very talented, Bunny Rose, and so fashionable! I love your outfit. I hope you stay warm through the winter. Perhaps some slippers and a blanket would help?

  8. Bunny Rose did a great job with her first post. She also did a fantastic job crocheting her outfit.


  9. Very cute! I would make a tiny tote bag to hang on your arm, Happy crochet time!

  10. They are lovely Bunny Rose, Astri obviously taught you how to crochet very well! I hope that you have a great new year and that it brings only good things your way. Make sure that you tell Astri the same will you please and send her all good wishes. Happy New Year to you and Astri! xx

  11. Pretty clothes, how sweet! Happy New Year to you, dear Astri, wishing you lots of luck, health and creative hours .-)
    All the best, Nata xxx

  12. lovely warm clothes for winter, happy rabbit ;-)

  13. Dear Rose!

    Surely you are the most beautiful doe this world!

    You were born to be Princess!

    Here in Brazil is very very hot! that you have good boots and jacket!