Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Swan River Yoga Cookies

Little Bug (#6) was my yoga partner.

Little Bug has moved far away to attend graduate school.
I have lost my partner, for now.

And she has lost heres...for now...but Little Bug found a new Yoga Studio that she loves,
it helps buffer the loss. :-)
In celebration, Swan Berlinkranser were made for Little Bug.

Berlinerkranser is a very special Norwegian cookie in our family.
Berlinerkranser recipe found here.

BTW - The NVO has happily become my new yoga partner, so all is not lost.
Now we have to find Little Bug a new partner. 
Three cheers for the NVO!!!


  1. I love the Swan Berlinkranser! Nice to have a yoga partner. I go to yoga breathing, relaxation and meditation classes on my own. We are four ladies doing the class, so nice and small.