Friday, September 11, 2015

Hollyhocks, Zinnia, Hibiscus and Bluebonnets

Summer 2015 was not the best year we've had in the garden;
however, it was a year of garden firsts for us:

Our first zinnia with little yellow stars in the middle...

Our first Texas bluebonnets...
(From seeds purchased in Fredricksburg, TX - this is the real deal baby!)

 ...and hibiscus...
(not purchased in Hawaii - this one came from Home Depot. ;-) )
Might still be the real deal though.

and one I've wanted for decades...
aaaaaa...our first hollyhocks!!!
Makes me so happy!

Wishing you a happy garden as well!


  1. I love that Zinnia, that is now on my list for next year. My garden is full of dahlias right now. Yours looks lovely. x

  2. I am getting all caught up with your wonderful bridge, blanket and gorgeous flowers. Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hollyhocks make me happy, happy, happy. And that zinnia is so vibrant. Our growing season is coming as soon as cooler weather hits. Am going to try and grow some things from seed which I've never done before. I bought packets of Colorado wildflowers. Will see how it goes. :) Have a great day.

  4. Love all those flowers, Astri. Well done for the Hollyhocks - I knew you really wanted them in your garden!

  5. Beautiful flowers!! My zinnias are also growing nicely but hibiscus doesn't survive for long.