Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sheila's Granny Rose Afghan

Take a look at this beauty:

Sweet Sheila made this incredible Granny Rose Afghan and sent me this photo.
340 Squares!
What an incredible labor of love!!!
I love this beautiful rendition.

Pattern can be found here.


  1. Hermoso, muy elaborado...
    Felicidades!!! Loves.

  2. This is a great! job you have done, I love it, Hard labour with a wonderful effect, byebye

  3. Thank you for creating such a gorgeous pattern :) I enjoyed every second of making this . What has made my heart totally sing is the fact that it will be passed on to my grand daughter in Australia when I am gone - my son feels she would really appreciate it - every single stitch will be a kiss from her Granny She - that is the beauty and truth of hand crafted items xx

  4. Oh my that is something else and it would be pretty warm I imagine. Jo x