Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Summer Leftovers

Goodbye Summer leftovers!
I think you will be leaving us this week.
Thank you for the joy you brought.

Until next year...


  1. So many lovely flowers. I love the first shot of Hollyhocks, Zinnias and white Cosmos. They all look so fresh and lovely against the white backing. I like your Nasturtiums too with their pretty leaves and colourful flowers. It's so lovely to have a garden!

  2. Veeeery beautiful! The white Cosmos is my favourite, but unfortunately I can't grow it in my garden, I have unproper soil for it. Your last photo is very similar to one of mine, come and have a look here: and tell me if I'm wrong :))

  3. Beautiful summer looks....heading into summer here soon ♥♥

  4. Love your pictures Astrid, Summer has well and truly gone here. Jo x